Embracing New Horizons: My Daughter Ellyn, My Muse


Hello everyone! Today, I want to introduce you to someone incredibly special in my life – my daughter, Ellyn. Many of you might have seen glimpses of her through my photography work, but there’s so much more to share about this extraordinary young talent.

Ellyn: A Constant Source of Inspiration

From the moment Ellyn entered the world, she has been my unwavering muse. Her presence has not only filled my life with joy but has also profoundly influenced my approach to photography. Experimenting with new gear, playing with different backdrops and lenses – Ellyn has been an integral part of this artistic journey.


A Year of Growth and Discovery

This year marks a significant shift in our adventures. I’ve decided to focus my lens more intensely on capturing Ellyn’s incredible growth and blossoming talents. And trust me, she has plenty to showcase! Not only is Ellyn an exceptionally gifted drawer, her talents also extend to singing and acting. Her creativity knows no bounds, and it’s a privilege to witness and capture these moments.


The Journey Ahead

Embarking on this new chapter is thrilling for both of us. It’s not just about documenting her talents; it’s about exploring the depths of her creativity and sharing her journey with the world. We’re both excited and ready for the hard work ahead. This is more than a photography project; it’s a celebration of growth, talent, and the unbreakable bond we share.

Stay Tuned

I invite you all to join us on this exciting journey. Through my lens, I hope to convey not just the imagery but the spirit and passion of this amazing young artist. Watch out world, Ellyn is ready to shine, and I couldn’t be prouder to be documenting each step of her journey.

Stay tuned for regular updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and, of course, lots of creativity and inspiration. Let’s let the creativity flow!