We are slowly taking newborn babies for their first portrait session.

Guidelines for Veronika Gant Photography Studio

We will do our best to diligently disinfect and maintain the cleanliness of our studio space for the protection of our clients and ourselves. Despite our efforts, we do not take responsibility for any symptoms that may arise before or after your session at our home studio. Therefore, be advised that you are booking a photography session at your own risk. Please see the following guidelines each client must accept and adhere to in order to book a photography session with Veronika Gant Photography.

Each person must wear a mask to enter the photography studio. Masks will be removed during photography. Photographer will wear a mask during the session.

Before entering the photography studio each person has to take off the shoes and leave them outside at the front door.

Wash Hands
After entering the studio each person has to wash their hands before they touch anything in the studio. Hand sanitizer will be provided as well.

5-Person Limit
The maximum number of people allowed in our studio and in the photography session is 5.

Limited # of Sessions
– to provide us with the time needed to completely disinfect and sanitize the studio before and after sessions, we will accept only one session per day.

Cancellation of Session
Respectfully, we reserve the right to end the session if we feel unsafe or at risk due to noticing any potential signs of sickness (coughing, etc).

Thank you to all of my clients for their patience and understanding that health, safety, and following government guidelines are my highest responsibility.

My hope is that all the guidelines will help stabilize the situation and slow the spread of this destructive and disruptive virus. Together we can triumph and overcome.

Thank you all!

Veronika Gant

Meet Your San Antonio Newborn Photographer


Hello! My name is Veronika and I am a certified San Antonio Newborn Photographer. I am originally from the beautiful country of Slovakia. Like San Antonio- which is in the heart of Texas, Slovakia is in the heart of Eastern Europe. I have been a San Antonio Newborn Photographer since 2014 and I am humbled to have been named as one of the top 20 Newborn Photographers in San Antonio by Expertise. I am excited to create amazing newborn portraits of your bundle of joy!

Safety for Newborn Photography

While creating beautiful portraits for you is important, the safety of your baby is my top priority. Since 2014, I have taken the responsibility of invested in educating myself not only in photography & lighting but also education on best practices for baby safety and safe baby posing. I have received certification from one of the world’s most well known newborn and maternity photographers, Ana Brandt. I photograph 3-4 newborns weekly including preemies. I am fully vaccinated. In case I happen to sick, I will immediately contact you to reschedule your session because I will never put your baby at risk. I will always pose your baby with their safety in mind. This means I will never force your baby into a position that will make them uncomfortable. If I try a pose and your baby fusses or seems visibly uncomfortable, I will move on to my next position. Every baby has unique likes and dislikes. What works for one baby may or may not work for another baby. My watchful eye throughout the posing process will ensure your baby will always remain safe and comfortable. Here are examples of safe poses:


Package options for Newborn Photography

I offer custom packages of San Antonio newborn photography. This way I am giving you the freedom to customize the San Antonio newborn photography session to fit your ideas, needs, and budget. The standard San Antonio newborn photography session focuses only on your precious baby. Your baby will be photographed comfortably on the bean bag.

Next, you can upgrade the standard newborn session to a session where I will be using different backdrops, props like baskets, baskets, and bowls.

Images of the baby and parents or his/her siblings are a must for most of my clients. You will be able to upgrade this part of the portrait session to the standard session as well.

All the upgrades include additional full-resolution digital files. All sessions are photographed with studio lights to guarantee a consistent look.

Newborn Photography Ideas

Unique newborn photography ideas can help you get the most out of your San Antonio Newborn Photography session. I draw inspiration from many different things and the theme of your newborn photo session can depend on props, background choices, and decorations. I also love including the ideas of clients, i.e., you :). The goal is to create a look that is unique to you.

I also offer seasonal themes. For example, if your baby is born in Wintertime I can create a winter look for your session. Click the video to see the example of a unique Signature Newborn Session with Parents and Siblings.

See more about Newborn Photography Ideas

Newborn Photography Studio

Our private studio is located at 911 Dillons Vista, San Antonio TX 78251 near Sea World, close to the intersection of Highway 151 and Portranco.
The goal is to make you happy and comfortable that way you will find in this studio everything that you need. See more about our Newborn Photography Studio and Props.

Newborn Photography Prep Tips

Newborn sessions generally take about 2 hours, depending on the type of session. Babies have usually photographed anywhere from 5-14 days. With that being said, it is best to book either during your pregnancy session or as soon as the baby is born. I will set a session date based on your due date or scheduled c-section, with the understanding that we can easily move the date or time if the baby comes early or late. Click to see more helpful tips on how to prepare for your newborn photography session.

Your Prints & Albums Will Never Fail

You want your fine art newborn photography to last forever. Years from now, you want to be able to pick up the beautiful images of your son or daughter or look at them as they hang on the living room wall. Hard drives fail. USB drives fail. CDs and DVDs crack and fail.
Digital files become corrupt or sit on a hard drive until it fails as well. And, all of the aforementioned technologies will be obsolete in the next 10 years. Sounds depressing? Well, it’s even more depressing when you can no longer look at the images of your son or daughter when they were newborns.
Physical prints and albums will stand the test of time. Your prints and albums will never fail, become corrupt or obsolete. At Veronika Gant Photography, I offer beautiful archival prints that are rating 100 years of life and gorgeously designed albums. Select backup digital files are included with the purchase of albums and prints. Read more about The Power of Prints.

Photography props

Free photography props available at our studio

Feel free to select any of the props in our studio.

See our available photography props

Certifications and Awards

She Has Been Named

One of the TOP 20 Photographers in San Antonio since 2016

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