Mommy and Me photography portraits with Dymond and Alexander

We had a fantastic time during this photography session. Dymond selected a light gray backdrop for the first round of portraits and white fabrics.


Then Dymond changed to a white bodysuit, and we continued with this set of poses.

And we continued on a white backdrop with a different lighting setup and fabrics.

The final setup was on a dark gray backdrop, and Dymond was wearing a black bodysuit.



Mommy and me portrait session in San Antonio by Veronika Gant

Beautiful mommy Jazmin and her little daughter Giavanna came to Veronika Gant Photography studio to create beautiful portraits of them together.  Jazmin selected a beige texture backdrop. We used their own matching gowns for the first set of mommy and me portraits session. Then we continued with a Destiny gown owned by our studio. And the final portraits were created with simple beige fabric. During this one-hour session, Veronika was using multiple lighting setups to create different portraits that create a different atmosphere. Get inspired for your mommy and me portrait session in San Antonio by Veronika Gant.

For these portraits, we used Destiny gown.
These matching gowns were provided by the client.