San Antonio Cake Smash Session with Beautiful Twins Issa & Isla by Veronika Gant.

Veronika was so excited to photograph this San Antonio Cake Smash Session! We celebrate Issa’s and Isla’s first birthday with a fun Cake Smash Session in the studio. For this cake smash session, we used our new bohemian setup. Our studio provides the entire scene. All you need is to bring is the cake, accessories, and outfits.


Here comes the cake!!! We had such a good time watching the girls smash their cake.
Issa’s and Isla’s parents provided the beautiful pink roses for their bath time and the strawberries.




San Antonio Cake Smash Session with Beautiful Baby Girl Samaya by Veronika Gant

Veronika was buzzing with joy to photograph Samaya’s first Cake Smash Session with a sweet bee theme for her session. This cake smash session was so much fun!

In this Cake Smash Session, we used the following props:
Backdrop– White Backdrop and Wooden Flooring, Natural Wooden Box, Greenery 007, White Flowers, and Bee Hives.

You can request the same props for your upcoming cake smash session.

The parents brought the following props: The Hexagon Wooden Decor, Real Sun Flowers and,
The “Sweet as can bee” Banner


A quick change of clothes that Samaya’s parents provided

Time to smash the cake.


And here we go! Milk bath as a luxury treatment after the big celebration. Samaya’s parents choose an all-white backdrop with sunflowers and butterflies.




Mommy and Me photography portraits with Dymond and Alexander

We had a fantastic time during this photography session. Dymond selected a light gray backdrop for the first round of portraits and white fabrics.


Then Dymond changed to a white bodysuit, and we continued with this set of poses.

And we continued on a white backdrop with a different lighting setup and fabrics.

The final setup was on a dark gray backdrop, and Dymond was wearing a black bodysuit.



San Antonio Cake Smash Session with baby boy Gio

Happy birthday to cute baby boy Gio!
We had lots of fun photographing this cake smash session. The simple scene with perfect colors, smiley, and happy baby is a dream for every photographer.

For the first set, we used greenery, props, and we hung “ONE” balloon in the background. Gio was wearing an organic onesie in a light green color, which perfectly matched the scenes.

Ready to smash the cake!

We kept the sign “ONE,” and we added balloons. The client brought a naked cake which was an excellent choice. Our studio provided the wooden rusty cake stand.

Oh boy! He had so much fun and it wasn’t over. We continued with bubble bath and he really enjoyed it as well. 😂

Keep scrolling! We captured his joy in each picture.

Look at the floor 😂
The water is everywhere around 😂

I hope you enjoy these images.
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Lovely baby girl Ava and her first birthday portraits

We are so happy to share with you all these portraits of Ava. So sweet baby girl. Her mommy selected an off-white backdrop with a white wood floor. We started the session with simple portraits of Ava in her first outfit.

We used our new prop white bowl and white flowers.

Let’s smash the cake!
We changed the outfit for the smashing part of the session: placed flowers and white balloons into the scenery.

And here we go! Milk bath as a luxury treatment after the big celebration! 🙂



Daniela’s Maternity Portraits by Veronika Gant

Daniela booked a two-hour session and we were able to do more photography looks with her. We started with medium shots on the medium size backdrop.

Then we continued with a dark gray backdrop and created these different looks:

After this part of the session, we changed the backdrop to light beige with texture and Veronika used beige fabric for the first setup and Destiny gown for the second setup.

Little prince Yeni and his 1st Bday portraits

Veronika photograph this handsome little boy with his family when he was eight months old. We are happy they came to us for his first birthday portraits as well.
They brought with them African cultural outfits. We always love to see different outfits which represent the client’s culture! Feel free to get one to your photography session.
The first set of the portraits were, as we mentioned in the cultural outfit, and then we continued with the second setup with a white piano which our client provided 🙂 Our client requested a session without smashing the cake.









Beautiful and elegant maternity portraits of Sheila and her family by San Antonio photographer Veronika Gant

We are so excited to share with you all this beautiful family Veronika photographed recently. Sheila booked 2 hours of maternity sessions and she selected dark gray and white backdrop.
Veronika started with the white backdrop and created all these beautiful portraits. This beautiful family purchased also a 12×12 album with 20 images. We can’t wait to share with you this final product.





Then we switched the backdrop to dark gray. Sheila used out black Vanessa gown for both of the sets and red fabric.




Adventure Is Out There!!! Enzo and his Cake Smash Session “Pixar’s UP” theme

Veronika was so excited to photograph this Cake Smash Session “Pixar’s UP” theme. The handsome birthday boy is Enzo and he was so amazing and pro in smashing his cake. It’s amazing to be part of their lives and creating the most important memories for him and his family.  

Here is Enzo and his first birthday cake smash session “Pixar’s UP” theme.
We started the session with a simple white backdrop and photographing Enzo in his traditional Korean hanbok outfit.


After this photography part, we added some props on the same backdrop and changed Enzo to a different portrait outfit. The basket, the travel suitcase, and the wooden box prop are provided by Veronika Gant studio, the other props you see on the images were provided by our client.
Let’s get ready for cake smashing. The “Pixar’s UP” backdrop was provided by the client.


And finally our popular bubble bath!!! The client wanted the wooden backdrop sky blue. Enzo’s mom brought many props for the session so we combine some props we had in the studio and the client’s props and create an amazing scene.