Mommy and Me: A Timeless Session with Alyssa and Baby Zoe

In the realm of photography, every moment captured holds a story, and today’s tale revolves around the sublime bond between a mother and her child. We were blessed to have the enchanting Alyssa and her cherubic baby girl, Zoe, grace our studio with their heartwarming presence. The session that ensued was nothing short of magical.

To kick off our session, we chose the Egg Nog seamless backdrop – a hue that exudes warmth and tenderness. Alyssa was effortlessly chic in a pristine white blouse paired with jeans, while little Zoe melted our hearts in a delicate white onesie. The images from this set speak volumes; they shimmer with unspoken love, the kind that only a mother and her child can share.

As the session progressed, Alyssa switched into a crisp white dress shirt, maintaining the ethereal white theme, while Zoe kept her charming onesie on. Their interactions were delightful, with Zoe’s infectious giggles echoing through our studio, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

In our next ensemble, Alyssa slipped into a sumptuous brown dress, complementing Zoe’s light beige jumper adorned with a dainty bow. The combination was breathtaking, painting a picture of warmth, coziness, and pure love.

Taking the session a notch higher, we swathed Alyssa in beige fabric, the soft contours of which perfectly highlighted her motherly figure. As she held Zoe close, the world seemed to fade away, leaving behind just the two of them, wrapped up in a cocoon of their shared affection.

In a dramatic turn, we opted for a stark black backdrop for our final set. Both Alyssa and Zoe were draped in flowing black fabric. The result? An image that is both powerful and poignant, capturing the infinite depth of their bond.

Our time with Alyssa and Zoe was not just a session but a journey through the myriad emotions that motherhood embodies. We’re immensely grateful to have been chosen to immortalize these special moments for them. Here’s sending Alyssa and Zoe a world full of love, laughter, and countless more memories.

Thank you, Alyssa and Zoe, for sharing a slice of your world with us. Wishing you both all the beauty and joy that life has to offer.

A Strawberry-Themed Cake Smash with Beautiful Baby Cheyenne at Veronika Gant Photography

There are few joys in life that rival the pure, unbridled excitement of a child celebrating their first year. A cake smash session serves as the perfect culmination of twelve months of growth, joy, and new experiences. And when the star of the show is as radiant as Baby Cheyenne, the celebration becomes all the more memorable.

The theme of the cake smash was strawberries – a delightful choice symbolizing sweetness and love. These bright red berries, besides being delicious, offer a fantastic burst of color that instantly captures the eye.

We adorned the photography space with plush greenery, delicate small lights, and dainty white boxes. The props provided by the parents, especially the fresh strawberries, the wooden sign, the heart sign, and the banner, added depth and a personalized touch to the setting.

Our Egg Nog seamless backdrop was the backdrop of choice. Its popularity in cake smash sessions and individual portraits comes from its beautifully natural tone. Coupled with the white wooden flooring, the setting was dreamlike, ready to capture Cheyenne’s most candid moments.

For the initial shots, Cheyenne was dressed in adorable jeans and a pristine white dress. The contrast of her outfit against the neutral backdrop made her the undeniable center of attention.

As we moved to the more fun part – the cake smashing – Cheyenne was dressed in a cute white lace onesie. This outfit not only allowed for flexibility and movement but also looked stunning on camera.



The cake was presented on a graceful white stand. Its light pink frosting was an ode to the strawberry theme. Decorated with real strawberries and crowned with a glistening gold topper, it was a feast for the eyes even before it met its deliciously messy fate!


A Delightful Cake Smash Session with Baby Khloe

Nothing marks a milestone like a baby’s first birthday, and no one does a cake smash quite like Khloe! Adorned in a delightful array of outfits and brimming with bright smiles, Khloe’s cake smash session was an enchanting blend of pastel colors and joyous celebration.

Our team transformed Victoria’s ready-to-go setup into a fantasy land, combining an array of large and small boxes with a profusion of white flowers and verdant greenery to create an idyllic scene. Khloe’s parents brought a personal touch to the session with a letter “K” prop, perfectly completing the picturesque setting.

The backdrop for the session was our sought-after Egg Nog seamless background. This is a favorite for cake smash sessions and individual portraits alike, owing to its organic, warm tones that enhance the natural charm of every photograph.

Before diving into the cake, Khloe posed for a series of heartwarming pictures. She wore an adorable white and pink tulle dress which was the perfect blend of comfort and style. The word “one” was beautifully inscribed in gold on the dress, reminding everyone of the significance of the occasion.


The decor also included the strategic use of a bowl and the half-moon chair. These elements not only provided additional layers to the aesthetic but also allowed Khloe to explore and interact with her surroundings, resulting in some genuinely delightful candid shots.

For the grand event – The cake was tastefully presented on a wooden cake stand. A simple white cake, it was adorned with a cake topper proudly bearing the sign “ONE.” As Khloe dove into her first birthday cake, her contagious smile lit up the room. Her joy was palpable as she tasted the cake and smeared icing on her face.


Baby Khloe was indeed the star of the show. Her radiant smiles and infectious laughter made every moment enjoyable, not just for her and her parents, but also for us as here at studio. Her natural charm and curious nature made each photograph a treasure.

This enchanting cake smash session with Khloe was not just a photoshoot; it was a celebration of life, growth, and the inimitable joy of childhood. We left with hearts full of warmth and cameras full of beautiful memories, eager to document more such joyous milestones in Khloe’s life.

An Enchanting Bohemian Cake Smash Session with Beautiful Baby Journi

Cake Smash sessions are a unique and increasingly popular way to celebrate a baby’s first year. They are known for being joyful, messy, and full of smiles – a fun and fantastic way to create lasting memories. On this particular day, we were graced with the captivating presence of baby Journi, who arrived in the studio, eager to embark on her delightful cake smashing adventure.

Our team was tasked with creating a cake smash session with a ‘Girl Bohemian’ theme for Journi. Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of bohemian design, we created a photo session scene that was captivating yet comfortable for the little star of the day.

Large and small wooden boxes provided structure to the scene, accompanied by vibrant greenery and delicate pampas grass. A white branch, juxtaposing the wooden elements, enhanced the organic and earthy look we were aiming for. The subtle, natural tones of our much-loved Egg Nog seamless backdrop perfectly complemented the bohemian theme, providing an ideal canvas for capturing the session’s candid moments. We completed the scene with a white wooden floor, which added a touch of rustic charm.

Journi made her entrance in a delightful pink dress, offset with a long white sleeve underneath. She looked every bit the adorable princess she is. A white bowl and half-moon chair were thoughtfully selected to match the décor and further enhance the charm of the session.

Journi was not alone in this adventure; her older brother, Remington, was by her side throughout the session. Their bond was palpable and added another layer of warmth and intimacy to the shoot. Their shared giggles and Remington’s protective gestures towards his little sister made for some heartwarming moments.


Finally, it was time for the much-anticipated cake smash. A simple, naked white cake, adorned with fresh berries and a rose gold butterfly topper announcing ‘ONE,’ sat elegantly on a white wooden cake stand. The cake, both aesthetically pleasing and delicious, was an instant hit with Journi.

As soon as the cake was within her reach, Journi’s face lit up with curiosity and excitement. The next few moments were a blur of laughter, clapping hands, and a whole lot of cake smashing. The messier it got, the more fun Journi seemed to have, making it a truly delightful sight to behold.

It was an absolute pleasure to have beautiful baby Journi, her brother Remington, and their family in our studio. Their energy, love, and joy were contagious, making the entire session a joyous occasion. We feel incredibly grateful to have been a part of Journi’s first cake smash session – an event marked by laughter, love, and a lot of cake!


The bohemian-themed cake smash was a smashing success, capturing memorable moments of Journi’s first year of life. We hope that these photographs will serve as treasured mementos for Journi and her family, allowing them to revisit these joyful memories in the years to come.