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International Award winning and certified newborn and maternity photographer

Welcome to our web page for Maternity Photography in San Antonio and thank you so much for considering me as your photographer of choice to capture these precious memories that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. My name is Veronika Gant and I am a fine art & commercial photographer located in San Antonio, Texas. Originally from a beautiful country of Europe Slovakia.

When I was pregnant I found out how amazing and magical time this can be. During this time I fell in love with pregnancy photography. I want every woman to know that they are beautiful especially during pregnancy. You have a new growing life inside you and you are glow like never before!

When I was pregnant with my daughter Ellyn and Alya I wanted to remember this time. And one day I want to show them how proud I was to carry them. These portraits will be passed down to them. These portraits will also be passed down to their children. That’s what I call building a legacy.

When you are pregnant, sometimes you don’t feel beautiful. I can understand that feeling. I experienced the same.
My passion is to make you look and feel beautiful. My goal is also to provide you with an amazing experience in a friendly environment. The maternity session will take a place in my private home studio.


When to book your maternity session

The best time for your Maternity Portraits
1st pregnancy between 36-38 weeks
2nd and more pregnancies between 28 – 34 weeks

The best time for Maternity Photography in San Antonio for first pregnant moms is around 26-38 weeks. For moms which were pregnant before I recommend plan the photography session between 28 – 34 weeks.

For a high volume of clients interested in maternity sessions and other photography sessions, is best to schedule your photography session at least 1 month in advance but you can always try to fill out the form and request availability. We will be in touch with you.

Package Options for Maternity Photography


We offer custom packages for San Antonio Maternity Photography. This way we are giving you the freedom to customize the San Antonio Maternity Photography session to fit your ideas, needs, and budget.

Standard Maternity Session

The standard San Antonio Maternity Photography session is a one-hour session that includes a choice of one of any Essential Backdrops.
You will receive 8 Hight-Resolution digital files which we deliver to you in color and B&W version via downloads.

If you would like more looks with different backdrops, you will have to add one more hour to your session.
You have a choice of add on
one hour with full-resolution images ($199)
one hour without digital ($75)

This is not a family session!
If you would like to include your husband and kids it will be considered as a Family Session.

add on the family to your maternity session ($199)
max. 5 people
If you add on the family session, you will receive 5 more High-Resolution digital images.
additional 30 min. with Veronika

VOGUE Maternity Session

The VOGUE Maternity Session is Veronika’s signature maternity session. This session is for pregnant moms only!
This session is photographed in a pink color setup, using a pink fabric that Veronika wraps around a pregnant mom’s body so it’s not a real gown you see in her portfolio. The final look is finished in post-process. You can request any color you like for the final images.

You can book a Full VOGUE Maternity Session

The Full VOGUE Maternity Session is a one-hour session that includes V-flats design, Maternity Gown with a giant peony + portraits with any white or black fabrics or gowns.
You will receive 8 High-Resolution digital images in color & B&W versions via downloads.


add on to the Standard Maternity Session 1/2 hour of VOGUE Set Design

Most of the clients book standard maternity session and add on Vogue session so they can have different variations of images.

Glowing Maternity Session

The Glowing Maternity Session is Veronika’s new photography session using the original hand-painted gold backdrop, fabrics, and gowns of your choice.
This session is for pregnant moms only!
You will receive 8 High-Resolution digital images in color & B&W versions via downloads.

Maternity Gowns

Maternity gowns available to use in the studio



Feel free to use any of the maternity gowns and fabrics in our studio for a small fee of $20. Usually, for a one-hour photography session, you can select one or two gowns and one fabric or two different fabrics and one gown.
See our available gowns


Select a backdrop for your photography session

Feel free to select one backdrop for your one-hour maternity photography session. If you would like to use more than one backdrop, you will have to purchase an additional hour.



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Makeup & Hair Services

Why professional makeup and hairstyle is important for your photography session?
Veronika: “I don’t know if you know my full story but I become a photographer accidental way. I was passionate about makeup and hairstyle and I needed more images for my portfolio so I started taking pictures of my clients and later professional models. This way I fall in love with photography.
I learned how these two different services are strongly connected together.

During my photography career, I also found out how important is to work with just one makeup artist. We are humans with different tastes and preferences. I love consistency in my work and the same I love to see the same in my client’s skin.

I highly recommend booking with my makeup artist and hairstylist Cypress Gorres.
Like I mentioned I was a professional makeup artist myself so I know what I am expecting from a makeup artist. I found Cypress myself and tested her with my beauty commercial work. From that day I use her for all my portrait sessions.

Cypress has her own home beauty studio located 10 min. away from my studio so you don’t have to drive across all San Antonio and stress yourself.


Certifications and Awards




Veronika Gant Has Been Named

One of the TOP 20 Photographers in San Antonio since 2016