Meet your San Antonio Maternity Photographer

International Award winning and certified newborn and maternity photographer

Welcome to our Maternity Photography in San Antonio portal! First and foremost, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for even considering me, Veronika Gant, to capture such pivotal moments that will forever echo in the hallways of your memory. Stationed in San Antonio, Texas, and carrying the rich heritage of the picturesque country of Slovakia, I am here to be your storyteller.

Pregnancy, in my eyes, is nothing short of a miracle. It’s an ethereal dance of life, love, and infinite possibilities. This profound journey propelled me towards maternity photography, becoming a canvas where I paint the beauty, strength, and grace of expectant mothers. I’m here to tell you that you’re not just beautiful – you’re a living testament to life’s most beautiful miracle. Your glow? It’s the universe shining back at you.

With every heartbeat of my daughters, Ellyn and Alya, within me, I felt an overwhelming desire to immortalize that bond. I envisioned sharing these portraits with them, whispering tales of pride, love, and the magic we shared. These aren’t just photographs. They’re legacy imprints, destined for future generations to cherish.

It’s only natural to have moments of doubt during pregnancy, where you might not feel like the goddess you truly are. I’ve walked in those shoes. But here’s my promise to you: I’ll not only showcase your undeniable beauty but also reignite that inner spark. My mission goes beyond photography; I aim to elevate your spirit, ensuring you leave my intimate home studio feeling more empowered and cherished than ever before.


When to book your maternity session

Optimal Timing for Maternity Portraits:

First-time Moms: Between 36-38 weeks.

Seasoned Moms (2nd pregnancy onwards): Between 28-34 weeks.

For those experiencing the magic of pregnancy for the first time, we believe the prime window for capturing maternity moments in San Antonio is from 36 to 38 weeks. However, for those radiant moms who have journeyed through pregnancy before, we suggest scheduling your session between the 28th to 34th week.

⚠️ Important Note:

Due to the overwhelming number of clients desiring maternity and other photography sessions, we strongly recommend booking your slot at least a month in advance. However, should you feel spontaneous, please don’t hesitate to fill out our form to check availability. We’ll be sure to get back to you promptly.

Package Options for Maternity Photography

San Antonio Maternity Photography Custom Packages

We are proud to offer tailored packages for San Antonio Maternity Photography, allowing you to personalize your session to match your vision, requirements, and budget.

Standard Maternity Session – $599

Duration: One hour

Features: Includes a choice of any essential backdrop.

Deliverables: 8 High-Resolution digital files in both color and B&W, delivered via download.

Note: If you desire multiple looks with different backdrops, consider adding an extra hour to your session.

Additional Options for the Standard Session:

Extend by one hour, including 5 High-resolution images: $350.

Extend by one hour without digital images: $150.

This standard session excludes family portraits and photographs with your spouse.

If you’d like to include your spouse or children in the photographs, please consider the:

Add-on Family Session – $350

Features: Inclusion of spouse and/or kids.

Deliverables: An additional 5 High-Resolution digital images.

Bonus: We’ll add 30 minutes to your photography session.

Please note: A maximum of five individuals is permitted in the studio for the family session.


Add-On VOGUE Maternity Session – $450

Specialty: Veronika’s signature maternity session exclusively for expectant mothers.

Setting: Typically photographed in a pink setup using fabric artfully wrapped around the mother’s form.
(This isn’t an actual gown as seen in our portfolio. The final look is crafted during post-processing.)

Customization: Feel free to request any desired color for the final images.

Deliverables: 5 High-Resolution digital images in both color & B&W, delivered via download.

Add-On Glowing Maternity Session – $450

Dive into the luxury of Veronika’s Glowing Maternity Session. This session, exclusively for expectant mothers, showcases an original hand-painted gold backdrop, complemented by fabrics and gowns of your choosing.

Deliverables: You’ll receive 5 High-Resolution digital images, presented in both striking color and classic B&W, available for download.

Maternity Gowns

Maternity gowns available to use in the studio

Benefit from our curated collection of maternity gowns and fabrics available in-studio. Typically, a one-hour session incorporates a mix of up to three gowns, fabrics, or a combination of both. Choose what resonates with your vision for the session.
See our available gowns & Fabrics

Backdrop Selection for Your Maternity Session

Select a backdrop for your photography session

For your one-hour maternity photography session, you’re welcome to choose a single backdrop. If you’re keen on incorporating multiple backdrops, please consider booking an additional hour.



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Certifications and Awards


Veronika Gant Has Been Named by Expertise

One of the TOP 14 Photographers in San Antonio since 2016


Standard Maternity Session



1 Hour Session in a private home studio

Choice of one of any essential backdrops

The photography session is only for a pregnant mother.
If time permits, we will photograph up to 3 looks. (3 gowns or combination of dresses and fabrics, different lighting setups) Please, check our portfolio, and let us know what you like and would love to photograph!

This session doesn’t include family portraits or photographs with your spouse. If you would like to have your husband and or kids be photographed with you as well it will be considered an add-on Family Session
(see price guide below in upgrades)

8 High-Resolution digital images in color and B&W finish delivered via downloads with a print release
*High-Resolution digital images means you can print these portraits with any local or online printing company.
Check our printing options and prices in the menu/shop if you want to print with Veronika Gant Photography studio to guarantee the quality of your prints.

High-End Magazine Retouch

Private Online Gallery

Printing Release Rights

(Not physical prints)

Sales taxes will be added

Upgrades & Add-Ons

For Maternity Standard Session

Family Portraits
$350/maximum five people

Includes 5 High-Resolution digital images in color and B&W finish delivered via downloads with a print release
Additional 30 min


An additional hour with additional digital files

Includes one add’l hour per setup
May select 1 Premium Backdrop
Includes 5 High-Resolution digital images in color and B&W finish delivered via downloads with a print release


An additional hour without digital files

Includes one add’l hour per setup
May select 1 Premium Backdrop


Vogue Set Design Add-On

Includes V-flats design and set up
30 min. photographer’s time
5 High-Resolution digital images in color and B&W finish delivered via downloads with a print release
This type of session is strictly only for the pregnant mother

Glowing Maternity Session Add-On

Includes Golden Hand-Painted Backdrop
30 min. photographer’s time
5 High-Resolution digital images in color and B&W finish delivered via downloads with a print release
This type of session is strictly only for the pregnant mother

Video Behind The Scenes

Sales taxes will be added