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Meet Your San Antonio Cake Smash Photographer


Welcome to my San Antonio Cake Smash Session webpage. Thank you sincerely for considering me, Veronika Gant, as your photographer to immortalize these treasured memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. As a fine art and commercial photographer based in San Antonio, my roots trace back to the beautiful country of Slovakia in Europe.

My passion for this type of photography blossomed when my daughter celebrated her first birthday. I was so captivated by the experience that I organized two photography sessions for her: one here in San Antonio and another back in Slovakia. That intimate session with my little princess in San Antonio marked my delightful foray into cake smash photography.

Here are some portraits of my daughter taken in Slovakia.

For every mom and dad, their child’s milestones are incredibly special and significant. Parents wish to immortalize these moments, going above and beyond to make each milestone unforgettable.

A Cake Smash Session captures one such cherished moment, providing families with stunning images they’ll treasure for a lifetime.

By this age, your baby is brimming with vibrant energy, showcasing a range of delightful interactions that can sometimes leave even the most energetic parents feeling worn out. Whether they’re standing, crawling, walking, or just about ready to conquer the world, I am here to capture that boundless energy and charisma. It’s this unique zest for life that brings unexpected joy and delightful surprises into your world.

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Customizing the photography scenes

We take pride in ensuring each San Antonio Cake Smash Session is unique and original. It’s your baby’s 1st birthday, so let your creativity shine! We offer a variety of backdrop options and props for you to choose from. Additionally, you’re welcome to bring your own props to use during the session.

Here‘s a prime example of how, with just a little assistance from us, you can craft a beautiful and original setup for your session. After selecting a backdrop for the cake smash, feel free to email us for color recommendations that complement it. We’ll provide you with a color harmony guide, making it simpler for you to choose outfits and props for your little one. When you arrive at the studio, we will decorate the scenes for you.

Please don’t hesitate to bring any items you feel might enhance the shoot. If you come across something while shopping – perhaps at stores like Hobby Lobby – you can even share photos from your phone and ask for our opinion. Together, we will co-create a unique look! Consider it your first major project for your baby. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the process. If it ever feels too daunting, remember we also offer ready-to-go scenes for your convenience

Take a look at this exemplary collaboration between our studio and one of our cherished clients. The client communicated her vision for her daughter’s first birthday Cake Smash Session. We provided suggestions on potential items she might bring and recommended places to find props. On the day of the session, our client arrived 15 minutes early, allowing us the opportunity to design the scene collaboratively.

Ready-to-go photography scenes

Select your favorite setup

We’re always striving to simplify the process for our clients. To this end, we’ve designed various photography scenes from which you can effortlessly choose the perfect backdrop for your baby’s cake smash session. Once you’ve selected a look, you’re welcome to add any additional decorations if desired.

See our Ready-to-go setups

Bubble bath or Milk bath

Add-on photography session

Should you wish to add this segment to your session, it is available upon request for an additional fee of $150.

The bubble bath segment is particularly popular, and Veronika relishes capturing delightful photos of your baby enjoying the frothy bubbles and water. For a personalized touch, you might consider bringing small towels that match the color of your chosen backdrop. Toys such as little ducks, fish, or other adorable bath toys are perfect for enhancing the scene.

While our studio is equipped with various props, we encourage you to personalize the setting if you desire. For those interested in a milk bath, please provide a minimum of 32 FL. OZ. of coconut milk. Natural additions like fresh flowers or strawberries truly elevate this portion of the session.

See a preview of the full photography session with the milk bath session.



Choosing the right backdrop can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of your Cake Smash Session. To assist you in visualizing and selecting the perfect setting, we’ve curated a collection of backdrop options tailored for our San Antonio Cake Smash Sessions. Whether you’re looking for something classic, whimsical, or modern, we believe you’ll find a backdrop that aligns with your vision.

Feel free to browse through the selections, and if any backdrop resonates with the theme or mood you have in mind, let’s incorporate it into your session. Remember, the goal is to create a memorable and personalized experience for you and your little one.

Photography props available at our studio

Select your favorite props and backdrop for your session

Details matter, and the right prop can add that special touch to your Cake Smash Session. To help bring your vision to life, we’ve compiled a diverse selection of props that cater to various themes and moods. Whether you’re envisioning a whimsical fairy-tale scene or a minimalist modern setup, our prop collection is designed to complement and enhance your chosen backdrop.


Feel free to explore the array of props we offer. As you make your choices, consider the overall theme you’re aiming for, and how each prop might accentuate the essence of the moment. Your input is invaluable, and together, we can create a setting that perfectly captures the joy and charm of your baby’s milestone.

The Cake

We recommend opting for a cake with white insides and regular frosting (please avoid fondant). Typically, a 6″ cupcake style or a regular round cake works best. When coordinating with your baker, please ensure that the base (board) of the cake is the same size as the cake itself, or a maximum of one inch larger. This ensures we can place the cake, along with its board, directly onto the cake stand. If the board significantly exceeds the base of the cake stand, we’d have to manually transfer the cake to ensure a visually appealing setup on the stand. As always, the choice remains yours based on your personal preferences.

Anticipating the Cake Smash

Cake smash sessions tend to unfold in one of two ways:
Your baby might absolutely love it, diving in and creating a delightful, messy spectacle.
Alternatively, your baby might not be as interested. Given their newfound mobility, they might just choose to crawl or walk away!

A tip for parents:
Wear comfortable pants! There might be moments when you’ll need to playfully chase after your little explorer.

Preparation and Expectations:
Given the nature of these sessions, things can get a bit messy! Ensure you have a change of clothes on hand for both you and your birthday star. Our sessions are designed to be a fun experience; we’ll snap a few photos of your little one before introducing the cake, allowing them to get comfortable with both the camera and Veronika.
And then, it’s cake smashing time!”

Cake toppers

Available at our studio

We’ve noticed that amidst all the excitement and preparations, cake toppers can sometimes be overlooked. To make things easier for you, we now offer a selection of cake toppers right at our studio. If any of our in-stock toppers catch your eye, you’re welcome to purchase them either in advance or directly before the session. This is just another way we’re striving to provide a seamless and delightful experience for you and your little one.

We are offering these cake stands



Pre-Session planning via e-mail

1 Hour Session in a private home studio + Baby Soothing Time
(Soothing time is for feeding, changing, and calming the baby)

Private, professional studio setting for your comfort

Choice of one of any essential backdrops

Use of props available in the studio

First set of images with the baby in the first outfit

The second set of images in the second outfit and smashing the cake

20 High-Resolution digital images in color finish delivered via downloads with a print release
*High-Resolution digital images means you can print these portraits with any local or online printing company.
Check our printing options and prices in the menu/shop if you want to print with Veronika Gant Photography studio to guarantee the quality of your prints.

Detailed Retouch

Private Online Gallery

Printing Release Rights

(Not physical prints)


This session doesn’t include family portraits. If you would like to include your family in the session see price guide below in upgrades

Sales taxes will be added

Upgrades & Add-Ons

For Cake Smash Session

Bubble bath or milk bath

Includes 30 min. of photographer’s time
10 High-Resolution digital images delivered via downloads

All Digital Files

Includes all High-Resolution digital images from the entire gallery from the session
Light retouch
Print Release Rights
(Not a physical print)

$125/per baby

Family Portraits
$350/maximum five people

Includes 5 High-Resolution digital images in color and B&W finish delivered via downloads with a print release
Additional 30 min

An additional hour

Includes one add’l hour per setup
May select 1 Premium Backdrop

Video Behind The Scenes

Sales taxes will be added