Meet Your San Antonio Cake Smash Photographer


Welcome to my web page for San Antonio Cake Smash Session and thank you so much for considering me as your photographer of choice to capture these precious memories that you will enjoy the rest of your life. My name is Veronika Gant and I am a fine art & commercial photographer located in San Antonio. Originally from the beautiful country of Europe Slovakia.

I fall in love with this type of photography when my daughter turned 1 year old and I did the first cake smash session for her. That time I decided to do for her 2 different cake smash sessions. One was here in Austin, Texas and the second one was in my country Slovakia.

So this was my first cake smash session with my little princess in Texas.

Images from Cake Smash Session in Slovakia

For each mom and dad, this moment of their child is very special and important. They want to remember this moment forever and they will do above and beyond for their little one to make this milestone special.

Cake Smash Session is one of those special moments and most important because the family will have amazing images which they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

At this age, your baby will be interacting in lots of fun ways which sometimes leave even parents super tired. Standing, crawling, walking, and ready to take the world, I document that amazing energy and charisma that brings so much light and sometimes surprise into your life.

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Customizing the photography scenes

I love to make the San Antonio Cake Smash Session each time different and original.
Be creative – it’s your baby and her/his 1st Bday. You can customize the background set by yourself. I will provide the backdrop in any color you request or you can select the original backdrops I personally designed.

If you feel you can’t do it for any reason I will personally help you to create the scene you will love! I will find the props and everything you request if it’s possible in the timeframe we will have for a scheduled photo session.
I will communicate with you about every detail of the photo set.
To customize the photography set is for an additional cost. The starting price is $100.

Here is a great example of how to make it happen with my extra little help and make it look beautiful. After you select the backdrop for the cake smash session you can ask me to give you recommendations on colors that will goas with the backdrop. I will share a color harmony with you and this way it will be easier for you to find an outfit for your little one and other props. When you come to my studio I will decorate the scenes.
We can start without props and add them during the session. Fill free to bring anything you like. You can also share pictures with me from your phone of what you find at stores (Hobby Lobby) and ask me for my opinion. This will be the unique look you and I will create! Your first big project for your baby. You will have fun with it trust me. 🙂

See the example of the perfect collaboration between me and my client.
She shared with me an idea she would like to have for her daughter’s first Bday Cake Smash Session. I gave her and ideas about what she can possibly bring and where to look for props. On the day of the session, my client came 15 min. earlier and we designed the scene together.

Bubble bath or Milk bath

Add-on photography session

This part of the session is at your request and for an additional cost of $100
A bubble bath is a very popular session. I love to snap some cute pictures of your baby enjoying the water and bubbles. And you have a chance to clean your baby at the same time :).
You can bring little towels that compliment the color of the backdrop or simple white little towels. Toys – Little ducks or fish or any cute toys for the bubble bath are perfect to complete the setup.
For a milk bath, you will need min. 32 FL. OZ. of coconut milk. Real flowers or strawberries are the best for this part of the session.

See a preview of the full photography session with the milk bath session.



Photography props available at our studio

Select your favorite props and backdrop for your session


The Cake

Please let me know in advance what color(s) you will order for your cake so that we can make sure that the cake will have the colors we discussed and will match with the background. We prefer white cake on the inside, regular frosting (no fondant). The size of the cake 6″ and 8″, cupcake style and regular round. It’s really just your personal preference.

The smashing of the cake
Cake smash sessions generally only past one of two ways; The baby loves it and makes a huge funny mess. Or The baby wants nothing to do with the cake. Now that they are on the move they usually just crawl or walk away. Just in case this happens, wear comfortable pants so you can chase your baby down.

These sessions can get very messy so make sure that you bring a spare set of clothes for you and your birthday baby. We have lots of fun during these sessions, a few images of your little one will be taken before the cake comes out so they are familiar with the camera and me. Then the cake comes in and we begin smashing!