Our private photography studio is slowly reopening!


Coronavirus Statement

Veronika Gant Photography

As of April 27, 2020, Gregg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, outlined the details of his plans to reopen the Texas economy beginning May 1st. The Governor has granted sole proprietors the decision to reopen their businesses with limited capacity so long as they are able to follow strict guidelines. 

As many of you know, safety has and always will be my top priority as I pursue what drives me the most- capturing and creating amazing memories of the most important moments from my client’s lives. 

During Phase 1: May 1st to May 18th 

  • Post-production: Photo editing will continue for my previous clients in addition to my future clients who photograph their own images and commission my studio for editing.
  • Permitted Portrait Sessions: The following portrait sessions are allowed as they do not require direct contact or personal adjustments from the photographer and will allow me to perform photography from a safe distance of 6ft or more:
    • Standard Maternity Portraits: Standard Maternity Portrait sessions (Not Vogue Session). A family member of which you are in direct contact with on a daily basis can assist in with fabric tossing as I will not provide this option due to safe distance requirements.
    • Cake Smash Sessions: These sessions are allowed as the photographer will photograph the baby from a safe distance of 6ft or more. You, the parent, will perform all adjustments on the baby (clothing, repositioning the baby, etc).
    • General Portraits & Senior Portrait Sessions: These sessions are allowed as the photographer will photograph the senior from a safe distance of 6ft or more. 
  • Shoots That Are Not Permitted: The following portrait session is not allowed at this time because direct contact between photographer and subject is required:
    • Newborn Portraits
    • Vogue Maternity Portraits
    • Family Portraits of 2 people or more
    • Note: On May 18th. 2020, the Governor of Texas will provide us with an update as to whether or not my business can move forward with portrait sessions that require direct contact.

Guidelines for Veronika Gant Photography Studio

We will do our best to diligently disinfect and maintain the cleanliness of our studio space for the protection of our clients and ourselves. Despite our efforts, we do not take responsibility for any symptoms that may arise before or after your session at our home studio. Therefore, be advised that you are booking a photography session at your own risk. Please see the following guidelines each client must accept and adhere to in order to book a photography session with Veronika Gant Photography.  

  • Masks: Each person must wear a mask to enter the photography studio. Masks will be removed during photography. Photographer will wear a mask during the session.
  • Shoes: Before entering the photography studio each person has to take off the shoes and leave them outside at the front door.
  • Wash Hands: After entering the studio each person has to wash their hands before they touch anything in the studio. Hand sanitizer will be provided as well.
  • 2-Person Limit: The maximum number of people allowed in our studio and in the photography session is 2. 
  • Limited # of Sessions: to provide us with the time needed to completely disinfect and sanitize the studio before and after sessions, we will accept only one session per day.
  • Cancellation of Session: Respectfully, we reserve the right to end the session if we feel unsafe or at risk due to noticing any potential signs of sickness (coughing, etc).

Thank you to all of my clients for their patience and understanding that health, safety, and following government guidelines are my highest responsibility.

My hope is that all the guidelines will help stabilize the situation and slow the spread of this destructive and disruptive virus. Together we can triumph and overcome.

Thank you all!

Veronika Gant