Newborn Photography Ideas

Every newborn session is adorable on its own. Take the time to think about the theme you’d like for your baby’s newborn session. Looking for newborn photography ideas to inspire you? No problem. You can look through my blog or hop to pinterest.

My Little Star Newborn Session photo shoots most often takes place in my client’s home. This can create unique images tailored for you because I will have an option to work with your interiors. The result is specific images that feel personal and soulful.

Though this session type is not about sleepy poses, we still can use special outfits, wraps with different hats or we can cover your little bundle of joy with blanket made by his grandmother. Or, even cuter, your baby can be in their crib and you can put his first toy next to him.


If you select a Newborn Session that includes sleepy poses, our first pre-session consultation will be about all the ideas specific to you and your husband.
With my Signature Newborn Session you will got minimum of 3 different looks.

Here are some of my newborn photography ideas at home from my home studio:

Your baby can has cute costume of animal.

Or, do you like super heroes?

Newborn-Photography-San-Antonio (21)
Does daddy loves golf, basketball, or baseball?

Newborn-Photography-San-Antonio (23)
Maybe you will like classic hats/headband and outfits. My studio is stocked full of blankets, baskets, knits, wraps and all the headbands you need! We have all of the popular colors and styles for boys and girls.



Will your baby be born in the summer or winter seasons?

I can create a beautiful setup with seasonal themes. Spring time full of flowers, summer time full of shells, autumn time full of colorful leaves, winter time full of snowflakes or whatever is connected with your baby’s birth season.

Newborn-Photography-San-Antonio (10)