Our private studio is open

I am taking all the photography sessions at this time!

Guidelines for Veronika Gant Photography Studio
To be sure our private studio is safe for my clients, me and my family I created guidelines that should help prevent spreading the Coronavirus and other viral disses.
  • Each client who is coming to Veronika Gant Photography studio must understand and accept the risk of COVID-19 and coming on their own risk. We will do our best to protect you and your family but we are not taking responsibility if you get signs of this disease after the session.
  • Each person must wear a mask to enter the photography studio.
  • Before entering the photography studio each person’s body temperature has to be measured by a non-contact infrared thermometer which we own in our photography studio.
  • Before entering the photography studio each person has to take off the shoes
  • After entering the photographer studio each person has to wash their hand before they touch anything in the studio
  • Our photography studio has a limitation of sessions and people entering the studio. We will accept only one or two sessions per day – depends on what type of session it is so we have time to sanitize everything after the session and we will take a maximum of 3 people per session.
  • I will be wearing a mask during the session.
  • The photography studio will provide sanitizer.
  • After each photography session, we will sanitize the area and everything we will get in touch with proper products.
  • Cancellation of Session: Respectfully, we reserve the right to end the session if we feel unsafe or at risk due to noticing any potential signs of sickness (coughing, etc).

Thank you to all of my clients for their patience and understanding that health, safety, and following government guidelines are my highest responsibility.

My hope is that all the guidelines will help stabilize the situation and slow the spread of this destructive and disruptive virus. Together we can triumph and overcome.

Thank you all!

Veronika Gant