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A good photography portfolio is a important start for your model career

Build Your Modeling Portfolio with Veronika Gant Photography studio.
To become a model, you first need professional portraits for your modeling portfolio and create a comp card. Also, it would be best if you have a model portfolio book.
We’ve got you covered.
Veronika is a professional photographer from central Europe, Slovakia, and her career started with photographing high-end fashion photography with professional models. She worked with multiple professional model agencies that send models worldwide, and she knows the high-end fashion or commercial industry standards.
Veronika and her team are here to help you start your journey to building your career as a professional model.

Comp Cards

Impress with your professional comp cards

The comp card is a valuable tool for models and those looking to break into the modeling industry. By showcasing your abilities, appearance, and contact information, you stand a better chance of getting noticed by industry professionals.

Model comp cards: what are they?

The comp card, composite card, or Zed card is a visual business card for models. Models use it to introduce themselves to potential clients. Model comp cards should include a portrait shot (a clear, unfiltered close-up of your face), a full body shots, medium shots. Your portrait and name appear on the front, and your photos, personal stats, and contact information appear on the back. The size of the camp card is usually 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch on A5 cardstock (the card can be vertical or horizontal, whichever feels best for you)

We offer multiple designs of comp cards!

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Model Portfolio Book

Build a photography portfolio with us


Veronika can create great shots for your modeling portfolio that communicate different photography styles. Using 5-7 different outfits and six different backdrops with varying types of lighting will give you the perfect variety of images you can start with to present yourself to any professional model agency or potential client. We have ready for you an entire game plan. 

Please, be aware that this session requires time and planning. After you book the session, we will begin planning. 

We are not providing a wardrobe, but we will help you plan what to wear.  


The best idea is to place into Model Portfolio Book only the best shots, which means a maximum of two pictures from each look. Remember, it’s not about quantity but quality. You will need to start with five great images and build from the ground up to a maximum of twenty shots for a strong impression in future castings. 

Veronika and her team can also help you select the shots to make the process easy. 



The packages are designed directly for the model’s or agency’s needs. The first package is intended for test shots and creating comp cards. The second package is designed for a model portfolio book that showcases a different style of shoots, increasing the model’s chances of getting hired.