Client’s picks – Signature Studio Newborn Session with Avery

Here is an example of Signature Studio Newborn Session. This newborn session includes up to 3 different looks – basket with a backdrop, creative wraps with felted layers and poses on a bean bag.
After the session clients can select their 15 favorite images which our professional retoucher Tania retouch to the perfection and all final images will be delivered to you on gorgeous crystal USB with a USB case.

Signature Newborn Session with Parents and Siblings

I would like to share another gallery of pictures of Signature Newborn Session with Parents and Siblings. This session is the longest one I offer. It’s about 3-4 hours. I begin with the newborn and siblings because kids get tired very fast so I don’t want to lose the opportunity for good shots. 🙂 Then I continue with parents after this set I work only with the newborn baby and photographing three different setups. (basket with a backdrop, creative wraps with felted layers ending with the bean bag and different variation of poses. Of course, I communicate with my clients and ask them what they like and sometimes things change. With a Signature Newborn Session with Parents and Siblings, my clients can select 20 images which will be fully retouched and delivered on gorgeous crystal USB with USB case.


Here is an example of Signature Newborn Session with Parents and Siblings. These images were selected by the client not me… 🙂


Signature Mini Newborn Session

I have so much work to do that I barely keep up with my blog on my website. I decided to share my work with you and go deeper than other newborn photographers. When you go to their websites mostly you can see the “money shots” which been selected by photographers and these images helping to sell. It’s totally on point and I do the same. But I decided to share with you a gallery of images which my clients picked as their favorites.
This Signature Mini Newborn Session was about one hour and I’ve been using an only bean bag focusing on poses. With every session I get different variations of images depends on the baby. This little princess was sleeping entire of the session so luckily I had a chance to get lots of shots. With Mini Newborn Session you can choose 10 images as your favorite ones and they will be fully retouched and delivery to you on beautiful crystal USB with USB case.

This is an example of the Signature Mini Newborn Session. These images were selected by my client not me … 🙂