Maternity portraits with beautiful Emily

I am proud to share Emily’s maternity portraits I created in December 2022. Emily and her husband were super sweet and had lots of patience and trust in me during their maternity session. They were very relaxed and had fun during the session. Emily selected dark gray and white backdrops plus our signature Vogue session. And here are their favorite images.








Maternity portraits of beautiful Tiara

We are proud to share with you all portraits of this beautiful couple that came to capture their first pregnancy.
Tiara and her husband selected dark gray and light beige texture backdrop for their 2 and 1/2 -hour session.
Veronika photographed Tiara in ash blue fabric, a bodysuit, nude silk fabric, and a Cypress gown.

For these intimate shots, Tiara is wearing our black bodysuit. Feel free to request this bodysuit for your maternity session.

The next part of the session was photographed on a light beige texture backdrop. Tiara is wearing silk fabric in nude color.

The last 30 minutes we dedicated to the VOGUE session. Tiara wanted her portraits recolored to green color.


Maternity session with beautiful Shaydale by Veronika Gant

Beautiful mommy selected three backdrops for her 3-hour maternity session, and here are her favorite images.
We started with a white background and wet fabric. Veronika achieved a light gray color for the backdrop with her lighting technique. This time Veronika didn’t wet mommy’s hair. If you select this look and want wet hair in the picture, consider this look at the end of the session.

We used a texture light beige backdrop and a Destiny gown for the second trendy look.

For the third look, we used a dark gray backdrop. Shaydale brought with her gold leaves and skin glue, and we created a lovely gold print on her body to create an interesting look.

Here is the link to the gold leave

and body glue


Gorgeous Vanessa And Her Maternity Portraits

We are excited to share with you all of Vanessa’s maternity portraits. She selected our new Aura gown and light gray backdrop. After finishing the first set of her portraits, we continued with a Destiny gown. For the final images, we used red fabric with a light gray backdrop but a different lighting setup. For the last picture from this gallery, Veronika used a dark gray wall to create beautiful dramatic silhouettes.