Maternity Portraits for Veronica

I spent an amazing time with this couple. Their story touched my heart.
Veronica lost her first baby boy in 2014. She told me she would like to incorporate her son into the photo shoot so that no one will forget him.
This was a powerful idea!
I am so proud of this couple. They are now expecting a baby girl and I can’t wait to see her 🙂

Enjoy the sneak peek of this beautiful family!

Veronica Maternity Blog 1

Veronica Maternity Blog 2

Veronica Maternity Blog 3

The Maternity Studio Session with Melissa

I’m truly humbled and blessed to have the opportunity to photograph some of the most happiest and beautiful expecting Mommies in the San Antonio area. Melissa is the most recent expecting Mommy I photographed at my studio. The beautiful soul that is Anna Castro referred Melissa to me. I was so humbled to think that Melissa believed in my talent and work so much that she was willing to drive 30 minutes to my studio for a maternity session. Melissa is a beautiful Mommy and her Maternity Session looks as though it is straight out of a magazine. Here are some sneak peeks images from Melissa’s Maternity Session. Enjoy!

Melissa Maternity-3-logo Melissa Maternity-2-logo

Melissa Maternity-4

The Power of Prints

The Best Way To Enjoy Your Photographs


Hard Drives Fail, Digital Files Can Become Corrupt, Prints Remain Forever

You will enjoy your beautiful images on a completely new level when you bring them into the real world as prints, albums, and wall art galleries. My goal for each of my clients is to help them enjoy their photography at the highest level possible and to ensure their beautiful photography images last a lifetime.

See my Signature Albums in action…

The Design

Modern and sleek, our Custom Luxe Album adds a contemporary presentation style to your Maternity, Newborn Session, or Family Session images. Featuring a one-piece wraparound custom-designed cover that features your image of choice. On the inside, you can feature your images in full panorama spreads format or side-by-side.


Image Quality

Archival museum-quality prints with matte, luster, and pearl finishing options. These images are durable and color fade-resistant.


Build Quality

The images are mounted to durable boards to give your image a sturdy, strong feel and flush finish. The flush mounted boards are bonded together for durability and maximum flexibility so you can open the book wide for panorama viewing.

blog about album

Maternity Photography for “Sophie”

I love making Maternity Photography in San Antonio at this location during Fall season. Seeing the canopy of all the colors of Mother Nature is enchanting. Oh, and the couple was soo adorable. Their beautiful spirit blended in with the delightful scenery.  I had a tremendous pleasure capturing their love and beauty.

The weather is pretty unpredictable during this time of the year, but we were lucky to enjoy beautiful and warm Fall evening with a mesmerizing sunset. I am so glad they chose a photo session at this captivating location.

Combining the use of flash lights with natural lights gave this set of pictures a Veronika-Gant-Signature look. 🙂

San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-01 San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-02 San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-03 San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-04 San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-05 San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-06



Jennifer’s Maternity pictures

A few days ago, I had the privilege to take photos of a beautiful future-to-be mom Jennifer and her charming husband Cory and here is the outcome. Given the extended period of stormy and rainy weather that prevented us from taking the photos outdoors, I decided to take the photos of Jennifer and her husband in my studio. It was a successful photo shoot as we were able to capture moments depicting the beauty of maternity and family closeness.

Veronika Gant Photography Maternity Photoshoot of Jennifer P.


Before and during each photo shoot I focus on evoking emotions and feelings in the photos through the use of location, color, light, clothing, and accessories and ultimately creating a unique atmosphere of the photograph. All these components have to connect together like pieces of a puzzle.

Veronika Gant Photography Maternity Photoshoot of Jennifer P.

Given my make-up artist skills and experience, I love to combine and match the theme of the photo shoot with an overall look (make-up, clothing, accessories, etc) of the model(s), not only to fit my imagination, but also to create a distinguishing mood of the photograph.Veronika Gant Photography Maternity Photoshoot of Jennifer P.

The truly unique photo session occurs when my expertise and creativity meet with my client’s imaginations and wishes. In this photo shoot, Jennifer and Cory allowed me to carry on my imagination and creativity. 🙂


Veronika Gant Photography Maternity Photoshoot of Jennifer P.

Veronika Gant Photography Maternity Photoshoot of Jennifer P.