A Princess Swan Cake Session with Beautiful Olyvia at Veronika Gant Photography

There are moments in a photographer’s life that remain indelibly etched in their memories. One such occasion was the heartwarming session with the delightful Olyvia, a beautiful baby girl who graced our studio with her cherubic presence.

Welcoming back Breanna and her radiant daughter Olyvia was a joy in itself. The joy was palpable, and the aura of positivity in the studio was infectious.

Drawing inspiration from the elegance and grace of a swan, the theme chosen was “Princess Swan”. The attention to detail in setting up the scene was impeccable. With elegant swans, pristine white boxes, and a blend of white and pink flowers, we aimed to create a dreamy, fairy-tale ambiance. Our pink texture backdrop, always a favorite for cake smash sessions, added a delicate and soft touch to the setting.

With Olyvia dressed in a delightful pink dress, her innocence and charm shone through in the initial images captured sans cake. Our white bowl and the statement half-moon chair added an extra layer of depth to the scene.


The centerpiece of our session, the cake, was presented on a rustic white wooden stand, a personal touch from Olyvia’s parents. Adorned with light pink frosting and delicate tiny flowers, it was a feast for the eyes, promising sugary delight.


Switching gears, the studio transformed into a whimsical wonderland inspired by Disney’s “Up”. A hot air balloon scene with fluffy clouds gave us a sense of floating amongst the stars. Olyvia, dressed in a mesmerizing rainbow and white dress, looked straight out of a fairy tale, making our hearts skip a beat.


The grand finale was a serene milk bath session. The tranquility of the white backdrop, juxtaposed with colorful flowers, playful rubber duckies, and a floral garland, was a sight to behold. The addition of strawberries was the cherry on top, as baby Olyvia seemed to relish this delightful touch.


Olyvia’s charm and infectious laughter made the session memorable. A big thank you to her doting parents for entrusting us with these moments and letting us be a part of Olyvia’s enchanting journey. Here’s to many more memories, adventures, and cake smashes!

Floral Fantasies and First Birthdays: Eleanor’s Enchanting Cake Smash Session at Veronika Gant Photography

The first year of a baby’s life is filled with countless milestones. From the first smile to the first word, every moment is precious. And one of the most exciting milestones? Their first birthday cake smash! We were beyond delighted when Eleanor’s parents chose our studio for this special occasion. And boy, was it a session to remember.

The theme was straight out of a fairy tale: a mesmerizing white flower wall that transported us to an ethereal world. Imagine this: big and small boxes adorned with luscious greenery, pristine white flowers that seemed to bloom right in front of our eyes, tufts of delicate pampas grass swaying gently, and vintage cages that added a touch of timeless elegance. With a backdrop as breathtaking as the flower wall and the pristine white flooring reflecting its beauty, the scene was nothing short of magical.

The finishing touch was provided by the parents in the form of two wooden signs. One beautifully carved with the word “Eleanor” and the other, a radiant sunshine sign, symbolizing the ray of light and happiness that Eleanor brings into their lives.


For the initial shots, Eleanor was the picture of innocence in a minty tulle dress. The gentle hue complemented her rosy cheeks, and the tulle seemed to dance around her as she explored her surroundings. We also incorporated a simplistic white bowl in some of the captures, which contrasted perfectly with the dress and the vibrant backdrop.

As the session progressed, Eleanor changed into a beautiful brown lace dress. The earthy tone against the pure white backdrop made her look even more adorable, if that was even possible!

No cake smash is complete without, well, the cake! The choice was a classic – a delectable white-frosted cake that sat elegantly on a white cake stand. To tie it in with our theme, the cake was crowned with a beautiful wooden cake topper. As Eleanor dug into her cake, her joy and excitement were palpable. Each smear of frosting on her face, each handful of cake, was a testament to the sheer delight of the moment.


Baby Eleanor was a bundle of joy in our studio. Her infectious giggles, curious eyes scanning the decor, and tiny hands reaching out for the cake made our day. Watching her bask in the love and adoration of her parents was heartwarming. Every click of our camera captured not just a moment but a memory that Eleanor and her family will cherish for a lifetime.


In this beautiful journey of life, it’s moments like these that remind us of the simple joys and the beauty of family. We are deeply grateful to Eleanor’s parents for letting us be a part of this wonderful experience. Here’s to many more milestones and memories with the beautiful baby Eleanor!

A Splendid Cake Smash Celebration with Baby Cameron At Veronika Gant Photography

It was an afternoon graced by delight and joy as we immersed ourselves in the serene enchantment of Cameron’s first-ever cake smash. Set against a backdrop of timeless simplicity and imbued with the subtle elegance of floral elements, this occasion was a testament to the jubilation and innocent charm of childhood

Our photography session was resplendent with the appeal of minimalist aesthetics. The primary decor featured an array of flowers in full bloom, their radiant hues providing a refreshing pop of color against the backdrop’s pink textured canvas. The gentle, whimsical atmosphere created by this setting was the perfect complement to our adorable subject – baby Cameron.

Cameron, for the first set of images without the cake, was an absolute darling in a cute white jumper. Her innocent giggles and toothless smiles had everyone present swooning over her. The outfits were simple yet incredibly photogenic, reinforcing the vibe of understated elegance that we sought to capture.


In addition to the floral motifs and Cameron’s charming outfits, we made use of a few selective props to add variety to the scenes. A white bowl, a half-moon chair, and a stool were skillfully incorporated into the setup. Each item brought with it a unique touch, adding depth to the photographs while keeping the focus squarely on our little star, Cameron.

Cameron’s cheerful spirit was infectious. This smiley baby girl had the entire team wrapped around her little finger with her bright-eyed curiosity and adorable mannerisms. Her genuine enthusiasm and charm permeated every photograph, making the entire experience a pure joy for all involved.

The cake – an indispensable part of any cake smash – was a simple yet elegant white cake, perched atop a wooden stand. Its modest aesthetics were designed to match the overall minimalist decor. This pure white marvel was all set to be the pièce de résistance of the celebration.

As soon as Cameron was presented with the cake, her eyes lit up with delight, and her irresistible laughter filled the air. There was something absolutely heart-warming about watching this tiny bundle of joy engaging with the cake, her little hands patting, squishing, and ultimately smashing it.

Our little star, Cameron, was a joy to photograph. Despite being her first cake smash, she was as smilie and engaging as ever, making the whole experience a memorable one for everyone present.

As we wrapped up the session, we were left with a sense of gratification, having successfully captured these treasured moments. These images are not just photographs; they are precious memories that will be cherished forever.

Cameron’s cake smash session was a beautiful blend of simplicity, elegance, and fun. The subtle decor, the mesmerizing floral elements, Cameron’s infectious laughter, and, of course, the smashing of the cake – everything came together to create an unforgettable event, one that we were privileged to be a part of.

Celebrating Islah’s First Milestone: A Pink-Themed Cake Smash Extravaganza

Stepping into a new chapter of life is a joyous occasion, and when it comes to the first year milestone, a cake smash session is the perfect way to celebrate. We had the privilege of capturing baby Islah’s magical moment in a pink-themed cake smash session that was nothing short of enchanting.

For the first set of images, baby Islah looked absolutely adorable in her cute pink dress. A pink headband adorned her tiny head, perfectly accentuating her soft features and baby charm. The heart-melting smiles and giggles were delightfully captured in these images, setting the tone for the rest of the session.


Decorating the stage for our little star was an exciting task. We chose a palette of blush pink and gold, creating a girlish charm and warm glow in the backdrop. Our photography scene was adorned with a bunch of pink balloons, casting a festive aura, golden streamers that added a touch of glamour, and a pink banner that proudly hailed our girl of the hour.

We set this scene against our seamless pink backdrop that gently blended with the overall theme and amplified the charisma of our props. The white bowl and half-moon chair were our cherries on top, subtly yet significantly enhancing the cute quotient of the session.

As we moved on to the second part of the shoot, Islah was dressed in a beautiful pink onesie dotted with golden polka dots. The onesie was specially customized with the number one in golden glitter, making it a perfect fit for the birthday girl.

But what’s a cake smash without the cake? A lovely pink cake with white decoration was the center of our setup, beautifully displayed on a white cake stand. The cake was topped off with a sign reading ‘ONE’, marking Islah’s milestone in the sweetest way possible.

As we began the cake smash, Islah’s eyes gleamed with curiosity and delight. She was all giggles as she tentatively poked at the cake before launching a full-fledged assault. With cake smeared all over her cute little face and the onesie, her infectious laughter filled the studio.


We watched as baby Islah explored the cake, at times gently poking it, other times smashing it wholeheartedly – the varying expressions of curiosity, surprise, and sheer joy on her face was a sight to behold! Each click of the camera captured these priceless reactions that we’re sure her parents would treasure forever.

In every sense, this pink-themed cake smash was a joyous celebration of baby Islah’s first milestone. The delightful decor, the beautiful outfits, and most importantly, Islah’s giggles and smiles made this cake smash a truly memorable session.

Seeing Islah’s cheerful face and hearing her infectious laughter was a heartfelt reminder of the pure joy that life’s simplest pleasures bring. We can’t wait to capture more of these moments in the future!

A Delightful Cake Smash Session with Baby Khloe

Nothing marks a milestone like a baby’s first birthday, and no one does a cake smash quite like Khloe! Adorned in a delightful array of outfits and brimming with bright smiles, Khloe’s cake smash session was an enchanting blend of pastel colors and joyous celebration.

Our team transformed Victoria’s ready-to-go setup into a fantasy land, combining an array of large and small boxes with a profusion of white flowers and verdant greenery to create an idyllic scene. Khloe’s parents brought a personal touch to the session with a letter “K” prop, perfectly completing the picturesque setting.

The backdrop for the session was our sought-after Egg Nog seamless background. This is a favorite for cake smash sessions and individual portraits alike, owing to its organic, warm tones that enhance the natural charm of every photograph.

Before diving into the cake, Khloe posed for a series of heartwarming pictures. She wore an adorable white and pink tulle dress which was the perfect blend of comfort and style. The word “one” was beautifully inscribed in gold on the dress, reminding everyone of the significance of the occasion.


The decor also included the strategic use of a bowl and the half-moon chair. These elements not only provided additional layers to the aesthetic but also allowed Khloe to explore and interact with her surroundings, resulting in some genuinely delightful candid shots.

For the grand event – The cake was tastefully presented on a wooden cake stand. A simple white cake, it was adorned with a cake topper proudly bearing the sign “ONE.” As Khloe dove into her first birthday cake, her contagious smile lit up the room. Her joy was palpable as she tasted the cake and smeared icing on her face.


Baby Khloe was indeed the star of the show. Her radiant smiles and infectious laughter made every moment enjoyable, not just for her and her parents, but also for us as here at studio. Her natural charm and curious nature made each photograph a treasure.

This enchanting cake smash session with Khloe was not just a photoshoot; it was a celebration of life, growth, and the inimitable joy of childhood. We left with hearts full of warmth and cameras full of beautiful memories, eager to document more such joyous milestones in Khloe’s life.

A Cake Smash Session to Remember: Celebrating Baby Alena’s

Being part of the first birthday celebrations of little ones is always a joyous event for us at our photography studio, but the cake smash session with the delightful baby girl Alena was something quite special. The chosen theme for Alena’s session was Victoria’s set – a timeless, classic, and soft setting that perfectly reflected Alena’s charming personality.

The scene was set with a careful arrangement of large and small wooden boxes, an addition that lent a touch of rustic charm to the scene. The boxes were tastefully scattered around and adorned with a mix of fresh greenery and delicate flowers in soothing hues. A beautiful light green watercolor textured backdrop, resembling a tranquil garden setting, served as the ideal backdrop for this session. The centerpiece was the elegant “one” sign, which perfectly captured the essence of this milestone occasion.

For the first part of the shoot, Alena was dressed in an adorable pink tulle dress. The soft color complimented her glowing complexion perfectly, and the frills added a touch of whimsy to her look. To complete her outfit, she wore a flower headband that matched the floral theme beautifully.

We incorporated a variety of props into the photoshoot to add depth and interest to the images. Alena looked especially adorable when we placed her in the white bowl, a simple prop that worked wonderfully to draw attention to her expressive eyes. The half-moon chair, on the other hand, was perfect for some more relaxed and candid shots.



The much-awaited cake smash was the final and most fun part of the shoot. Placed on a classic white cake stand was a beautiful white cake, with a cake topper featuring the sign “ONE”. The cake’s simplicity and elegance didn’t last long, though. Soon, it was smeared with bits of frosting, perfectly capturing the essence of a cake smash. Alena, with her baby blue jumper and frosting-streaked cheeks, made for a picture-perfect moment that will undoubtedly bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Throughout the session, Alena was an absolute delight to photograph. Her contagious giggles and curiosity made the session lively and memorable. Despite her small size, Alena filled our studio with immense joy and laughter, and her cake smash was a celebration we will remember for a long time.

Capturing these special moments of Baby Alena turning one was a fantastic experience for our team. We can’t wait to capture more of her joyful milestones in the years to come.


An Enchanting Bohemian Cake Smash Session with Beautiful Baby Journi

Cake Smash sessions are a unique and increasingly popular way to celebrate a baby’s first year. They are known for being joyful, messy, and full of smiles – a fun and fantastic way to create lasting memories. On this particular day, we were graced with the captivating presence of baby Journi, who arrived in the studio, eager to embark on her delightful cake smashing adventure.

Our team was tasked with creating a cake smash session with a ‘Girl Bohemian’ theme for Journi. Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of bohemian design, we created a photo session scene that was captivating yet comfortable for the little star of the day.

Large and small wooden boxes provided structure to the scene, accompanied by vibrant greenery and delicate pampas grass. A white branch, juxtaposing the wooden elements, enhanced the organic and earthy look we were aiming for. The subtle, natural tones of our much-loved Egg Nog seamless backdrop perfectly complemented the bohemian theme, providing an ideal canvas for capturing the session’s candid moments. We completed the scene with a white wooden floor, which added a touch of rustic charm.

Journi made her entrance in a delightful pink dress, offset with a long white sleeve underneath. She looked every bit the adorable princess she is. A white bowl and half-moon chair were thoughtfully selected to match the décor and further enhance the charm of the session.

Journi was not alone in this adventure; her older brother, Remington, was by her side throughout the session. Their bond was palpable and added another layer of warmth and intimacy to the shoot. Their shared giggles and Remington’s protective gestures towards his little sister made for some heartwarming moments.


Finally, it was time for the much-anticipated cake smash. A simple, naked white cake, adorned with fresh berries and a rose gold butterfly topper announcing ‘ONE,’ sat elegantly on a white wooden cake stand. The cake, both aesthetically pleasing and delicious, was an instant hit with Journi.

As soon as the cake was within her reach, Journi’s face lit up with curiosity and excitement. The next few moments were a blur of laughter, clapping hands, and a whole lot of cake smashing. The messier it got, the more fun Journi seemed to have, making it a truly delightful sight to behold.

It was an absolute pleasure to have beautiful baby Journi, her brother Remington, and their family in our studio. Their energy, love, and joy were contagious, making the entire session a joyous occasion. We feel incredibly grateful to have been a part of Journi’s first cake smash session – an event marked by laughter, love, and a lot of cake!


The bohemian-themed cake smash was a smashing success, capturing memorable moments of Journi’s first year of life. We hope that these photographs will serve as treasured mementos for Journi and her family, allowing them to revisit these joyful memories in the years to come.

Nautical Adventure: Leon’s Aquatica Themed Cake Smash Session At Veronika Gant Photography

Prepare to set sail on an enchanting journey with baby Leon, who recently celebrated his first birthday with a delightful cake smash session. The theme chosen for this special occasion was “Aquatica,” an enchanting nautical celebration of the beginning of Leon’s journey into toddlerhood.

Our studio was transformed into a beautiful marine-inspired environment using our hand-painted ocean backdrop and light blue flooring. The set was adorned with white wooden boxes and small white boxes to enhance the Aquatica vibe. A sailboat prop was also used, perfectly accentuating our little sailor’s Aquatica-themed Cake Smash Session.

Leon was dressed in the most charming blue Bloomers Bowtie Suspenders for the first part of the session. This ensemble, reflecting the colors of sea and sky, aligned perfectly with our Aquatica theme. A layer of light blue fur was a whimsical finishing touch, adding texture to the scene and bringing to mind a gentle surf lapping at the shoreline.

Ensuring our birthday boy was comfortable during his session, we had Leon seated on a half-moon chair. Its unique shape and light color added to the maritime charm, creating an adorable setting for our handsome birthday boy.

The centerpiece of our session was, of course, the cake. Set atop a classic white cake stand, we presented a simple yet elegant naked cake. Its understated charm was a perfect fit with the rest of our Aquatica setup. The cake topper, featuring the sign “one” with a anchor boat, was a sweet nod to Leon’s first birthday and the chosen theme of the day.

Leon’s eyes lit up at the sight of the cake, his innocent curiosity coming to life. The cake smash was a symphony of joy, a riot of fun with Leon at the center, his little hands gleefully dismantling the cake piece by piece. His laughter rang through the studio as frosting ended up as much on his face as it did on the floor.


Every moment of this session was a joyous celebration, reflecting Leon’s jubilant spirit and the wonderful milestone of his first year of life. The photographs captured during this cake smash session are priceless memories that will surely be cherished by Leon’s parents for many years to come.

From the elaborate Aquatica set-up to the adorable outfit, the joyous cake smash, and the introduction of light blue fur, every aspect of this session was a testament to the sheer joy of childhood and the magical journey that Leon is embarking upon. We hope to see Leon in our studio again, bringing his charm and infectious smile, as he grows and explores more of this wondrous world.


Leon’s Aquatica-themed cake smash was more than just a photo session; it was a celebration of life, love, and family. A moment that was beautifully captured in time and will be looked back on with fondness and joy. It was an absolute delight to be a part of Leon’s milestone, and we look forward to more such moments in the future

Capturing Joy and Laughter: Benjamin’s Bohemian Boy Cake Smash Session

There’s something truly magical about a cake smash session with a little one. The delight in their eyes, the laughter that fills the air, and the messy fun that unfolds are moments to cherish forever. Recently, we had the pleasure of photographing baby boy Benjamin in a whimsical Bohemian-themed cake smash session, and it was an absolute delight from start to finish.

As we prepared for the session, we wanted to create a atmosphere that perfectly captured the essence of a Bohemian boy. The photography scene was adorned with an array of elements, including white boxes, lush greenery, a dog toy, a stuffed bear, White Birch Branches, and delicate pampas grass. The backdrop, an eggnog seamless backdrop, and the white wooden floor provided the perfect canvas for our little star.

For the initial set of images, Benjamin dressed in a charming baby blue button-down dress and paired it with white shorts. His outfit exuded a sense of innocence and playfulness, setting the tone for the session. As he sat on a moon chair, his laughter filled the air, and his eyes sparkled with pure joy. It was a heartwarming sight that instantly brought smiles to everyone present.


Moving on to the next part of the shoot, Benjamin donned adorable animal shirts and khaki shorts, perfectly complementing the Bohemian theme. His infectious laughter continued to fill the room as we captured his candid moments of happiness and curiosity. Every click of the camera immortalized his vibrant personality and the pure joy he radiated.

Of course, no cake smash session would be complete without a mouthwatering cake stealing the spotlight. We placed a wooden cake stand adorned with beautiful gold and green frosting at the center of our setup. As Benjamin discovered the cake before him, a sense of wonder and excitement washed over his face. His tiny hands eagerly dove into the delicious creation, smearing frosting across his cheeks and savoring every bite. It was a messy masterpiece that brought about laughter and captured the essence of childhood bliss.

Throughout the entire cake smash session, baby Benjamin was an absolute joy. His infectious smiles and genuine happiness created an atmosphere of warmth and happiness. It was a privilege to witness these precious moments that will forever hold a special place in his family’s heart.

To conclude the session, we created a serene milk bath experience for Benjamin. With a white wooden backdrop, blue towels, and rubber duckies, the scene was nothing short of enchanting. Benjamin immersed himself in the playfulness of the milk bath, splashing and giggling with pure delight. The photos captured during this final part of the session encapsulated the innocence and carefree spirit of early childhood.


During the milk bath session, baby Benjamin proved to be an incredibly playful little soul. As he settled into the tub, his eyes lit up with excitement. With each splash and giggle, he transformed the tranquil scene into a bubbling oasis of joy. The water droplets danced in the air as Benjamin’s tiny hands and feet created ripples of pure delight. It was a sight that brought smiles to everyone present and reminded us all of the unbridled joy that can be found in the simplest of moments.

The photographs taken during this portion of the session revealed his uninhibited spirit and his genuine love for exploration. Every image radiated with the pure joy and uncontainable laughter that echoed throughout the room. It was a testament to the magic that can be found in the tiniest moments and a reminder of the preciousness of childhood.

Benjamin’s playful splashes and his contagious laughter made the milk bath session an unforgettable part of his Bohemian-themed cake smash experience. It showcased his adventurous spirit, his love for discovery, and his ability to find joy in the simplest of activities. These images will serve as cherished mementos, capturing the essence of Benjamin’s playful nature and bringing a smile to his family’s faces for years to come.

In the end, the cake smash session with baby boy Benjamin was a resounding success. The Bohemian theme set the stage for a captivating experience. From Benjamin’s adorable outfits to the meticulously designed photography scenes, every detail worked together seamlessly to create a magical atmosphere. Benjamin’s infectious laughter, his delightful curiosity, and his playful nature added an extra layer of joy and happiness to the session. We were honored to be a part of this beautiful journey, capturing the essence of Benjamin’s early years and preserving them in photographs that will be treasured for generations.

We celebrated a milestone with a Cake Smash Session for baby boy Luca at Veronika Gant Photography

Step into the enchanting world of baby boy Luca as he celebrates his first birthday with a cake smash session inspired by the Disney movie “Luca.” Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing Italian Riviera as we take you on a delightful journey through Luca’s cake smash session. From the picturesque decor to the ocean-themed cake, this celebration was a true testament to Luca’s first milestone.

To recreate the ambiance of the Italian Riviera, the photography scene was thoughtfully designed. Hand-painted ocean backdrop and a light blue flooring set the stage for this aquatic adventure. Props such as white wooden boxes, a dark royal blue net, and a sailboat from the studio added a touch of authenticity to the scene, evoking the charm of a seaside setting.

For the initial set of images, Luca donned a charming blue shirt paired with light brown shorts and suspenders. The ensemble captured the essence of the classic Italian Riviera style, complementing the scenic backdrop and setting the stage for timeless and adorable photographs.

The highlight of Luca’s cake smash session was an exquisite ombre cake representing the colors of the sea. From a pristine white at the top, it transitioned into shades of blue and eventually green at the bottom. Placed on a simple white cake stand, this visually stunning cake served as both a delicious treat and a captivating focal point.

In celebration of Luca’s first birthday, his parents brought along additional props to enhance the session. Among these were a Vespa, adding a touch of Italian charm, and a basket filled with delightful items. These props added personal elements to Luca’s cake smash session, making it even more meaningful and unique.

Throughout the cake smash session, we adeptly captured Luca’s wonder and excitement. From his delighted expressions to his playful interactions with the props and cake, each moment was beautifully documented. The fusion of Luca’s joyful spirit and the magical essence of the Italian Riviera resulted in timeless photographs that will forever hold a special place in his family’s heart.


Luca’s cake smash session transported us to a world of enchantment inspired by the Disney movie “Luca.” With carefully crafted decor, charming props, and an ocean-themed cake, this celebration was a delightful tribute to Luca’s first milestone. Luca’s outfits perfectly complemented the theme, and his radiant joy was skillfully. The addition of personalized props brought by his parents added a special touch to the session. This magical cake smash session embodied the joy of celebrating a milestone in Luca’s life and will be cherished by his family for years to come.