Valentine’s day Mini Session – Emma

Mini sessions are really fun. Every baby is different and so is every session. I painted a new backdrop and this time I wanted something more simple that would make the baby pop out from the backdrop. Emma was an an amazing little model. Emma’s Mom decided to extend the mini session to a 30 minute session. The first set was about 10 minutes. The rest of the mini session was an absolute dream!
Emma-Valentines-Mini 1 Emma-Valentines-Mini 2 Emma-Valentines-Mini 3


Valentine’s day Mini Session

How cute would it be to send out/hand out photo Valentine’s!?! Sign up now for a mini photo session.

in-Studio only $50

Valentine’s day Mini Session Includes:

  • 15 minutes in the studio
  • 2 different handmade painted styled backgrounds to choose from
  • 1-2 newborn/ babies/ kids
  • Pre-session welcome email with planning questionnaire
  • 20+ images to choose from in Online ordering gallery

(newborn must be 3 – 14 days old)
(babies must be 5 months and up)

Prices for Digital Files
Prices for Luxe Prints

For great interest sessions will be held on Monday, February 8 to Saturday, February 12, 2016 in our home studio which is located at 911 Dillons Vista, San Antonio TX 78251 near Sea World, close to the intersection of highway 151 and Portranco. Contact me ASAP to schedule as I anticipate these to book quickly! 🙂
 Valentines day mini session copy

Request Availability for Mini Session


The Power of Prints

The Best Way To Enjoy Your Photographs


Hard Drives Fail, Digital Files Can Become Corrupt, Prints Remain Forever

You will enjoy your beautiful images on a completely new level when you bring them into the real world as prints, albums and wall art galleries. My goal for each of my clients is to help them enjoy their photography at the highest level possible and to ensure their beautiful photography images last a life time.

See my Signature Albums in action…

The Design

Modern and sleek, our Custom Luxe Album adds a contemporary presentation style to your Maternity, Newborn Session or Family Session images. Featuring a one-piece wraparound custom designed cover that features your image of choice. On the inside, you can feature your images in full panorama spreads format or side-by-side.


Image Quality

Archival museum quality prints with matte, luster and pearl finishing options. These images are durable and color fade resistant.


Build Quality

The images are mounted to durable boards to give your image a sturdy, strong feel and flush finish. The flush mounted boards are bonded together for durability and maximum flexibility so you can open the book wide for panorama viewing.

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Sneak peek for “I” family

Today I shoot Signature Newborn Session with this handsome baby boy Idris. I always love to do something new. So today I first time used womb cast which is original and unique prop for Newborn Photoshoot. I love it love it love it!!!

Congratulations again lovely family “I”!

Enjoy your sneak peek 🙂


Newborn Photography Studio and Props

I was exited to build my own studio. When I was living in Slovakia, I always had to rent studio space for my photo shoots. This wasn’t the most ideal option because I could not control every thing in the studio such as cleanliness, organization of gear, props etc. Thankfully, now that I live in the good ‘ol U.S of A, I have my own studio space right at home.

Newborn-Photography- Props

I’ve always wanted my own studio space so that I can control the quality of everything within it’s walls. My husband, who is also an amazing photographer, insisted to build a studio for me in our home and that was the start of my dream 🙂 A couple months later, I opened an adorably intimate studio space which is located at 911 Dillons Vista, San Antonio TX 78251 near Sea World. My studio is close to the intersection of highway 151 and Portranco road. The space is perfect for creative meetings with clients, presentations and photography sessions.

Everything You Need For Your Newborn Session

My studio is stocked full of blankets, baskets, knits, wraps and all the headbands you need! We have all of the popular colors and styles for boys and girls.

Cleanliness Is My Top Priority

All materials, wraps, blankets and clothing are washed in dye free detergents and are always kept clean. We also have a bassinet in the studio that you can use to change you baby’s pamper or if you simply want to put them there when you need to keep her/him safe and cozy. I take hygiene, baby safety, and overall care of your newborn very seriously. If I am ever sick, we will reschedule your session. I will never put your baby at risk. Everyone in the studio who works with me makes every effort to keep their hands sanitized. Also my assistants and I place great emphasis on handling your precious baby as gently as possible.


My Studio Location
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Contact & Address Info
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Hours of Operation
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Newborn Photography Ideas

Every newborn session is adorable on its own. Take the time to think about the theme you’d like for your baby’s newborn session. Looking for newborn photography ideas to inspire you? No problem. You can look through my blog or hop to pinterest.

My Little Star Newborn Session photo shoots most often takes place in my client’s home. This can create unique images tailored for you because I will have an option to work with your interiors. The result is specific images that feel personal and soulful.

Though this session type is not about sleepy poses, we still can use special outfits, wraps with different hats or we can cover your little bundle of joy with blanket made by his grandmother. Or, even cuter, your baby can be in their crib and you can put his first toy next to him.


If you select a Newborn Session that includes sleepy poses, our first pre-session consultation will be about all the ideas specific to you and your husband.
With my Signature Newborn Session you will got minimum of 3 different looks.

Here are some of my newborn photography ideas at home from my home studio:

Your baby can has cute costume of animal.

Or, do you like super heroes?

Newborn-Photography-San-Antonio (21)
Does daddy loves golf, basketball, or baseball?

Newborn-Photography-San-Antonio (23)
Maybe you will like classic hats/headband and outfits. My studio is stocked full of blankets, baskets, knits, wraps and all the headbands you need! We have all of the popular colors and styles for boys and girls.



Will your baby be born in the summer or winter seasons?

I can create a beautiful setup with seasonal themes. Spring time full of flowers, summer time full of shells, autumn time full of colorful leaves, winter time full of snowflakes or whatever is connected with your baby’s birth season.

Newborn-Photography-San-Antonio (10)


Session Options for San Antonio Newborn Photography by Veronika Gant

My Photography studio offer these Session Options for San Antonio Newborn Photography:

Signature Mini Newborn Session
Little Star Newborn Session
Little Star Outdoor or In-home Newborn Sessions
Signature Studio Newborn Session
Signature Outdoor or In-home Newborn Sessions
Signature Newborn Session with Parents & Siblings
The Baby Plan

Newborn-Photography-San-Antonio (14)

Little Star Newborn Sessions – Studio/Outdoor or In-home

Newborn-Photography-San-Antonio (46)

My Little Star Newborn Session is about Life Style Photography. There is more focus on sweet expressions, on tiny details and family. The baby can be awake or asleep. Do not include sleepy newborn posing. If you are interested about the sleepy poses, please see our Signature Newborn Session option.

Signature Newborn Sessions – Studio/Outdoor or In-home

This Session focus only for sleepy Newborn Posing.
Include up to 3 different looks. Click the video to see behind the scenes of my Signature In-home Newborn Session.

See more pictures of the Signature Newborn Session

Signature Newborn Session with Parents & Siblings – Studio

My Signature Newborn Session with Parents & Siblings is powerful package which includes up to 2 hours photography experiences in my studio. Also includes sleepy newborn posing (up to 2-3 different looks) Portraits with parents and/or full family. Click the video to see behind the scenes or my Signature Newborn Session with Parents & Siblings.

See more pictures of Signature Newborn Session with Parents & Siblings

The Baby Plan

baby plan pictures

Veronika Gant Photography studio offers timeless photography art from your baby’s first moments of life that means from belly to baby’s 1st birthday.
This package includes:
– Maternity Session
– Signature Newborn Session or Lifestyle Newborn Session
– Sitting up Milestones Session
– First Birthday Session

If you missed for example our Maternity Session or you don’t want Maternity Photoshoot, I can give you credit for other Session options like is Family Session or a one extra baby session.

How to prepare for your San Antonio Newborn Photography Session

I have some basic tips how to prepare for your Newborn Photography Session.

Newborn-Photography-San-Antonio (33)

Mommies are generally instructed to do most of the feeding at our studio so that baby will be nice and relaxed. We love a hungry baby!
We want this beautiful new baby to relax and feed in our studio or if we are going to you, just before we arrive. This way we can start with an outfit or wrap while they digest and then continue on as they are nice and comfortable. With that being said, if you want baby naked, then at some point they will poop or pee! And it’s ok!!
We are so used to it and it truly doesn’t bother us – we just grab another blanket!
We also use heaters and white noise to help soothe babies – and we do have a/c for the hot ones. If you are not breastfeed take with you min. 2 bottles of milk or supplies for nursing. If a pacifier or soother is required, take them with you. Also, don’t forget to take more diapers.

Read more:

How To Prepare Your Newborn Baby For It’s First Photo Session




Maternity Photography for “Sophie”

I love making Maternity Photography in San Antonio at this location during Fall season. Seeing the canopy of all the colors of Mother Nature is enchanting. Oh, and the couple was soo adorable. Their beautiful spirit blended in with the delightful scenery.  I had a tremendous pleasure capturing their love and beauty.

The weather is pretty unpredictable during this time of the year, but we were lucky to enjoy beautiful and warm Fall evening with a mesmerizing sunset. I am so glad they chose a photo session at this captivating location.

Combining the use of flash lights with natural lights gave this set of pictures a Veronika-Gant-Signature look. 🙂

San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-01 San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-02 San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-03 San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-04 San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-05 San-Antonio-Maternity-Photography-Sophia-by-Veronika-Gant-06