Michale’s Sailing Cake Smash Session With San Antonio Photographer Veronika Gant

Veronika was excited to photograph this Cake Smash Session “Sailing theme.” The handsome birthday boy is Michael, and he was so unique and pro in smashing his cake. It’s fantastic to be part of their lives and to create the most important memories for him and his family. 

We started the session with a hand-painted “Ocean” backdrop. We photographed Michale in this cute outfit that his mom provided. The photography setup you see in the pictures is one of our “Ready to go” setups named “Aquatica”







The First Birthday Cake Smash Session with beautiful baby girl Kallista

We love to see our client’s families grow. This time we were capturing portraits of baby girl Kallista. We remember the cake smash session with her older sister, which feels like a flashback. 🙂
They look so similar.

Enjoy these beautiful portraits of Kallista and imagine your baby in this beautiful setup. 🙂

This setup is listed on our website as “Ready to go” for the cake smash session.

*the cake stand and cake were provided by the client.


Happy Birthday Ava!

We are happy to share with you all Ava and her birthday cake smash session. We remember like it was yesterday when Veronika photograph her mommy’s maternity portraits. Here we are now celebrating Ava’s first birthday. Her parents add on a family portraits to the cake smash session. Here how the session goes 🙂


Gorgeous Vanessa And Her Maternity Portraits

We are excited to share with you all of Vanessa’s maternity portraits. She selected our new Aura gown and light gray backdrop. After finishing the first set of her portraits, we continued with a Destiny gown. For the final images, we used red fabric with a light gray backdrop but a different lighting setup. For the last picture from this gallery, Veronika used a dark gray wall to create beautiful dramatic silhouettes.



San Antonio Mama & Me Photography Session with lovely mama Breanna and her baby girl

Beautiful mommy Breanna and her little daughter came to Veronika Gant Photography studio to create beautiful portraits of them together. Breanna selected the pink texture backdrop. We used the Ariana gown for the first set of mommy and me portraits sessions; then, we continued with the floral fabric from our studio. The final portraits were created using our new Mama & Me Lily gown. During this one-hour session, Veronika used multiple lighting setups to create different portraits that create a different atmosphere. Get inspired for your mommy and me portrait session in San Antonio by Veronika Gant.

Beautiful Mamma To Be Anna Maternity Portraits By San Antonio Photographer Veronika Gant

 We are delighted to share with you all Anna’s beautiful Maternity Portraits by San Antonio Photographer Veronika Gant. Anna brought her beautiful ruffle gown together with a short black dress for the session. She is also wearing a turtleneck black gown which is now available in our studio in 3 different sizes. (XS, S and M). Here you can see Anna’s favorite portraits. 



Ludwig’s First Birthday Cake Smash Session by San Antonio Photographer Veronika Gant

We are happy to introduce this handsome baby boy Ludwig celebrating his first birthday here at the studio. We had lots of laughter and a fantastic time with Ludwing during his session. For this session, we used a thunder gray background; and the natural wooden box props from the studio. Ludwig’s parents provided de balloons and the cake.

Ludwick’s parents add the Bubble Bath to his session.

Lovely baby girl Clarissa and her First Birthday Cake Smash Session By San Antonio Photographer Veronika Gant

We are thrilled to share Clarissa’s First Birthday Cake Smash Session with you by San Antonio Photographer Veronika Gant. We had a fantastic and fun time here at the studio. Clarissa’s parents selected the ready-to-go set Bohemian with the pink texture background. Also, Clarissa’s parents brought her outfits and the cake.

Time for Cake!