A Hollywood Glamour Maternity Portrait Session with Ajunai at Veronika Gant Photography

There’s a kind of magic that happens when a couple stands before a camera, especially during a moment as significant as maternity. This was all too evident during the recent Maternity portrait session with the radiant Ajunai.

From the start, Ajunai had a clear vision: old Hollywood glamour. It’s a style that is both timeless and elegant, evoking the sophistication of a bygone era. Veronika immediately knew the perfect backdrop for this – a textured wall that would effortlessly bring out the vintage appeal. To further elevate the look, a grey textured fabric was draped over the wall, creating a beautiful contrast that was both understated and impactful.

The atmosphere of the shoot took a delightful turn when Ajunai’s husband, Alex, stepped into frame. Witnessing the couple together, it was easy to see the genuine love and excitement they shared for their growing family.

For their paired look, Ajunai slipped into the exquisite black Angelina gown, which hugged her silhouette beautifully, showcasing her baby bump in the most elegant manner. Alex complemented her perfectly in a ensemble consisting of a black vest, dress pants, and a crisp white long-sleeved shirt. Together, they were a vision of love and style, a perfect blend of modern-day elegance with a touch of vintage charm.

Switching the backdrop to a light grey, the next segment was purely captivating. The subtle background allowed the emotions to shine through. The photos from this part of the session are more than just pictures; they are a testament to Ajunai and Alex’s profound love for each other.

With the same backdrop, Ajunai then took center stage, embodying strength, grace, and the beauty of motherhood. Every shot captured her glowing essence, making it evident how magical the journey of maternity truly is.

As for the grand finale, Ajunai chose the studio’s VOGUE signature look, and it was nothing short of breathtaking. With every pose and every smile, she looked both stunning and ethereal, reminding everyone of the unique beauty that comes with expecting a child.



In conclusion, this maternity session with Ajunai and Alex was more than just a photoshoot; it was a celebration of love, life, and the future. We are immensely grateful to the couple for allowing us to be part of this significant chapter in their lives. Witnessing their love story unfold and capturing these moments was an honor we won’t soon forget.