A Bohemian Boy Cake Smash Session: Celebrating Baby Kel in Style at Veronika Gant Photography

When you think of a cake smash session, you often imagine pastel colors, balloons, and the classic image of a baby with frosting smeared all over their face. Well, this time, we had the pleasure of capturing something a little different – a bohemian-inspired cake smash for the adorable baby boy, Kel.

From the moment baby Kel and his loving family entered our studio, the excitement was palpable. They brought in an energy that radiated throughout the room, making the shoot all the more special.

Drawing inspiration from bohemian aesthetics, the scene was meticulously crafted with intricate details. A mix of big and small white boxes brought dimension to the set, creating varying levels for Kel to explore. The stuffed bear and toy dog added a touch of whimsy and innocence, while the small pampas grass added that boho vibe, seamlessly tying the setup together.

The pristine white backdrop paired with the white wooden flooring provided a neutral canvas, ensuring that the main focus remained on baby Kel and the props.

For the initial set of images, before the grand cake extravaganza, Kel sported a charming jumper complemented by a hat, giving him a dapper look that melted our hearts. The white bowl and half-moon chair were instrumental in creating dynamic shots, capturing Kel’s playful nature.

Transitioning to the cake smash, baby Kel changed into a brown jumper, keeping with the bohemian theme and ensuring he was comfortable while indulging in his cake.

Sitting proudly on a wooden cake stand was a delectably simple, white cake. The minimalistic design was elevated by a cake topper featuring a wooden sign, adding an earthy touch to the dessert.

And boy, did baby Kel enjoy that cake! With eager hands and a gleeful expression, he dived into the cake, smashing it with enthusiasm. It’s moments like these – the unbridled joy and innocence of a child – that we live for.


The success of a shoot not only depends on the studio and its props but majorly on the little subject and their parents. We are immensely grateful to baby Kel’s parents for entrusting us with these precious moments. The happiness and memories captured are ones that will be cherished for a lifetime.

To baby Kel and family, we wish you all the joy, laughter, and sweet moments ahead. May your journey be filled with memories as delightful as this cake smash session. Cheers!