The S Family in the park San Antonio

Its beautiful to see a family grow. My husband photographed their wedding nearly 2 years ago at the beautiful McNay Art Museum. Since their wedding, we have grown to know them on a personal level and we can say that have become great friends and family. They are kind, loving and always welcoming. At the time of their wedding, their little angel was a wee little one at that time. My how she has grown up! It was a beautiful summer morning and the location created great opportunities for great composition. This is a beautiful family of 4. Enjoy your sneak peek S family!

Shiver family-6

Shiver family-5 Shiver family-3 Shiver family-2 Shiver family-1

Ellyn’s Cake Smash

A few months ago, I didn’t exactly have any ideas for my daughter Ellyn’s Cake Smash photo shoot to celebrate her 1st birthday. Our little angel Ellyn is a beautiful mixed baby girl. Part American, part Slovakian.
I wanted to do two photo shoots. One shoot to represent both of her cultures: USA + Slovakia. We had already planned a visit to my home country during the month of July- which was perfect because Ellyn would actually become 1 while would be in Slovakia visiting my family!

From the moment I arrived to the U.S., San Antonio to be exact, I’ve fallen in love with Texas culture. Everything I’ve been exposed to gives me the change stop push the limits of fantasy to the next level. It was very important for me to “be original.” And trust me it´s not that easy.
Thankfully, I found the perfect place with vintage furniture and props. I decided to forget about buying an outfit from a store. Instead, I made a vintage style skirt and headband for Ellyn. I couldn’t seem to find a cake that matched my vision- maybe because I’m too picky about details so I decided to make a cake that matched my idea. Scrutinizing every detail to make the shoot as unique as possible is what I love to do for my clients. Original look, original idea.
Bringing these ideas together can be pricey but it’s absolutely worth it considering the fact that our baby girl will only have one 1st birthday. Her 1st birthday. SHEESH! Where does the time go!???

These pictures will stay with us for the rest of our lives. When I finished the video of Ellyn’s Cake Smash I was laughing because I was imagining the day will show this video to her on her wedding day one day. Such amazing moments. Such amazing memories. It’s a precious priceless gift what you can give yourself and your child.

Dreaming of a one-of-a-kind Veronika Gant Photography custom Cake Smash to celebrate your baby’s first birthday?  Call or email the studio today to get on our calendar! or (210)-538 4757

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