Veronika Gant Photography studio is offering maternity gowns for her maternity and newborn sessions.
You can select any gown you want for your maternity or newborn session in her private home studio or on location.
This service is free and you don’t have to pay any extra fee. We have available now these maternity gowns.

Harper Boho Ruffle Gown

Winter White (Suggested Size: 4-14)

Boho-inspired off the shoulder ruffle soft Jersey knit dress is the most popular dress for our maternity sessions. We love this maternity gown because it is so versatile and you can wear it on the shoulder, off shoulder, shoulder or no shoulders.
Please note that sizing is just a suggestion and sometimes can fit a wider range.

Sienna Gown

Sangria (SUGGESTED SIZE: 4-12)

Sienna Maternity Gown is made of cotton and spandex blend, makes it nice and stretchy, but also holds everything in the right place.

Willow Lace Maternity Gown

White (SUGGESTED SIZE: 4-14)

Beautiful and romantic lace maternity gown.

Chloe Maternity Gown

Merlot (SUGGESTED SIZE: 4-14)

VOGUE Maternity Gown

Any size, any color

Our VOGUE Maternity Gown is Veronika’s signature gown for her Vogue Maternity session. You can request this gown for any in a studio maternity session. It’s amazing because it fits any size and it can be created in any color.

Flowing fabric

Simple and beautiful

Sometimes we don’t need a dress at all, we make it happened with simple fabrics.