Commercial Photography San Antonio

Veronika is originally from Slovakia, an eastern European country near Hungary and Austria. As a little girl, Veronika always felt a connection with the beauty of nature and art. In her teenage years, Veronika developed a deep love for the fashion and photography industries. Her commercial collaborations include campaigns with GOSH Cosmetics and Radio Station Europa 2.

She moved to San Antonio in 2014 to marry the man she loves and is fulfilling her dreams of owning and operating her own Photography business in the USA!


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Commercial photography
involves the taking of photographs for commercial uses (product shots, head shots, etc). These photographs are often used for the promotional marketing a business including website placement, product previews, and a business card or marketing material images.

2013 campaign for GOSH Cosmetics Slovakia

GOSH kampan

“I didn’t have a studio, lighting, or a professional camera. I was a professional makeup artist and I really wanted to show my work right way.
I remember that day in 2010 when I bought a 50mm lens for my old Sony Alfa camera. From this point, I started to shoot every weekend and some weekdays after work. I truly fell in love with beauty photography.”

Veronika Gant

2012 campaign Radio Station EUROPA 2


2013 campaign Radio Station EUROPA 2